The Middle East

Consumers begin to fall in love with Middle Eastern ingredients as they become more familiar with them and realise just how tasty this cuisine is

Middle Eastern breakfast, in particular shakshuka, has ridden on the back of the rising popularity of egg as a protein. A colourful, flavour filled dish, it has become a hit on Instagram. Seasonings like za’atar and dukkah are helping to drive this trend as they add a warming spice to any meal.

Why is this a 2019 food trend?

Middle Eastern cuisine is relatively healthy, it is really a more flavour filled version of the Mediterranean diet. All time favourites hummus and falafels have helped to drive this cuisine forward, we are seeing new versions of these as we add root vegetables for added colour and texture.

Defining this trend

  1. Falling in love with the rich and fuller flavours presented by Middle Eastern ingredients
  2. Seasoning foods and drinks with regional herbs and spices to warm the palate
  3. Colourful, textured and flavour filled dishes offering nutritional benefits
  4. Spices are key to Middle Eastern cooking, giving its savoury and sweet dishes its exotic flair
  5. Israeli recipes reflect its geographical position, combining Mediterranean and Middle Eastern traditions
  6. Similarly, Persia embraces its contrasting regions to produce a wide range of tangy, warming plates

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