Awaken My Senses

We live in a visual world, colour and textures are important

We want food and drinks that we can photograph and show off on social media, we want our friends to be envious of what we are doing. Everything needs to be over the top and different. Sweet enters the world of savoury (and vice versa). Soup is back, along with raw foods helping to use up those leftovers we don’t want to waste.

Why is this a 2019 food trend?

Social media has become a staple aspect of our lives. Couple that with the move towards interactive dining, and our food has become more experimental. From bubble tea to unicorn cupcakes, colour, fun and creativity has ruled our food for a long time and this isn’t set to change.

Defining this trend

  1. Publicising interactive and experimental dining via social media
  2. Changing the way our food looks to showcase over the top and different
  3. Colour, fun and creativity is continuing to rule our food and drink choices
  4. Twists on the norm are creating colourful and trendy cocktails and appetisers
  5. Sweets are becoming savoury and savoury is blending with sweet to raise the profile of remixed ingredients
  6. Florals, fruit and vegetables boost their popularity as bases or toppings to add levels of flavours and texture


Black rice salad with caramel glazed cauliflower steak

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