Date posted: 04/12/2018

Black rice salad with caramel glazed cauliflower steak

  • Serves 10
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S&B black rice 300g
Pure olive oil glass 200ml
Tate & Lyle caster sugar drum 60g
Everyday Favourites ground cumin 10
Greek style yoghurt 300ml
Mint - chopped 12g
Burnt aubergine pulp 500g
Green chilli 12g
Everyday Favourites chopped garlic in oil 8g
Fresh lime juice 20g
Cauliflower steak 10
Sauce ingredients
Pure olive oil glass 200ml
Red chilli diced 10g
Grated ginger 100g
Sweet tamarind paste 100g
Tate & Lyle light soft brown sugar 50g
Fresh lime juice 10ml
Thai squid fish sauce 10g


  1. Cook the black rice until tender
  2. In a food blender add the olive oil, caster sugar, cumin, yoghurt, mint, aubergine pulp, green chilli, lime juice and garlic then pulse until smooth and glossy and set to one side
  3. Place the cooked rice into a bowl and tumble with the dressing, then add the sliced spring onions and fresh chopped herbs
  4. Season and grill the cauliflower steak over high heat until tender
  5. While the cauliflower is cooking make the tamarind caramel by adding tamarind paste, brown sugar to a pan with oil, red chilli and ginger and reduce to a sweet caramel - brush this over the steak and serve
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