2018 food trends

The 2018 food trends brochure sets out a landscape of what and how consumers are wanting to eat and drink, now and in the future.


Blending insights from reports, publications and news platforms together with information gleaned from events, food tours and seminars, topped off with a sprinkling of our very own research, Bidfood is proud to present its food and drink trends of 2018. This brochure sets out a landscape of what and how consumers are wanting to eat and drink, now and in the future. The recipes our chefs have created show how more than one trend can be met with one dish, providing inspiration to serve up menus and concepts that reflect the food priorities of consumers everywhere. For further information on our trends, our products and our ingredients, please contact your account manager.


Have a look at our trends for 2018!

Day-part Dilemma


Today’s population is pushing the boundaries on how and when they eat, and outlets are throwing out the rule book in an attempt to appeal to more consumers and to maximise revenue across the day. More and more meals are happening at non-traditional times of day, with a growing range of good quality, sweet or savoury snacks increasingly filling the gaps, making economical sense for those who don’t have the time, facilities or budgets to prepare a main meal themselves. When the opportunity to dine out during the day presents itself, a growing number of all-day dining outlets are flexing their menus to offer any meal at any time of the day.

Better Me


As the surge to embrace a healthier approach to consumption gathers pace, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors need to work harder to respond. The widespread intention to blend better nutrition with busier lifestyles means out-of-home diners will be looking for help to enjoy a nutritious, well-balanced diet, to meet the required intake of food groups and to time-table opportunities for physical exercise.

Grab & Go


As consumer lifestyles become increasingly fast-paced, there is a larger demand for immediacy and portability across foodservice. However, neither should be compromised at the expense of quality and range. Consumers are keen to see the continuous evolution of healthier alternatives, the provision of wider choices of both hot and cold food and drinks, and the growing flexibility to adjust ingredients and quantities to suit their individual preferences.

Street Eats


Street food continues to take on conventional eating out. Sophisticated food choices are available to all, allowing consumers to eat their way around the world, affordably. In addition to kerbside catering, kiosks and markets, formats in food halls, in-store and slots on regular dining menus are creating street food style offerings, to accommodate the food-interested consumer who has a taste for new flavours, textures and infusions.

Modern Europe


Whilst the food and drink available from Europe’s broad platform is highly varied, several dishes and ingredients link its regions together. With little more complication than picking, pickling and serving, this simple approach to farmed fare is influencing consumer choices. Shoreline fish, quality meat and local produce reflect dietary choices from Scandinavia to The Balkans, and from the East to the West of the Mediterranean, bringing food cultures closer together.

Americas Discovered


The influence of Latin American food on the UK continues to expand, reinforcing a growing taste for South American and Caribbean cuisine. There’s an array of Latin food styles and flavours for all foodservice operators to consider, creating plenty of opportunity to incorporate various cooking styles and a range of ingredients from grilled, fried, and stewed meats and fish, to vegetables and chilli-infused salsas. The Latin American influence on street food continues to explode on the scene with sushi burritos, street fries, wraps, tacos, and yet more inventive hand-held dishes continuing to evolve and grow.

Moreish MENA


The desire to try new and authentic global foods is reflected in the growing interest in cuisine from the Middle East and the north of Africa. Embedded ethnic communities and global travel expose consumers to a range of fresh and different traditional ingredients and spices, that tap into this heritage sometimes fusing cleverly with well-known Western dishes. More and more outlets offering a variety of this cuisine are appearing in the UK, either serving adventurous takes on this region’s tradition or innovative dishes with authentic Mediterranean flavours.

Great Britain


British consumers are increasingly appreciating the food and drink of our nation. This cuisine, which signifies tradition, nostalgia and patriotism, continues to grow. Menus encapsulate old favourites from up and down the country, iconic dishes and innovative twists on traditional classics, as well as the introduction of new products. New spaces and places to eat demonstrate the evolution of this culinary heritage.

Asian Appetites


Ethnic Asian foods and flavours are becoming more and more authentic and traditional, linking back to their regions of origin. Pride in local and regional foods is seeing an upsurge in availability and authenticity. Becoming well travelled, and with long-standing Asian take-away favourites, the Asian flavour experience has had a real boost as consumers look for deeper and more exciting flavours from across the continent of Asia.

To bring these trends to life have a look at our new recipes:

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