2021 food and drink trends

Welcome to our 2021 Trends Update

Last year we launched our Bidfood Trends for 2021. Given the unusual times we are in, and the amount of change we’ve seen and experienced in the food and drink landscape, we decided to take a deeper look into how some of our trends have manifested and evolved so far during 2021.

Read on to find out what’s new in: Wellness My Way, Careful Consumption and Global Cuisines, as well as our social trends: The New Normal and Changing Choices.

Food and drink trends 2021

We worked with food and insights experts, and kept our finger on the pulse for the latest foodie news, to come up with our 2021 food and drink trends.

Plus, see updated content on our 3 most prominent trends right now.

Social trends 2021

This past year has been unlike no other. And consumers’ lifestyles have dramatically changed. New attitudes, expectations and priorities are influencing what, where and how people want to eat and drink.

Take a look at our new social trends to explore how they’re shaping the future of foodservice…

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