Good For Me, Good For You

As well as reducing our carbon footprint, we need to cut back on all forms of waste in the food industry, especially takeaway equipment

Vegetables are starring on plates, with or without meat and fish. Game and foraging are popular as we want to know more about our food and how it affects the environment. Chefs are using clever ways to use up any waste ingredients, especially fruit and vegetable waste.

Why is this a 2019 food trend?

After Blue Planet II, the world was shocked at the state of the oceans, this has highlighted all forms of waste in the world. Coffee cups and straws are heavily highlighted in this trend, reusable and compostable are key as we come to realise the impact they have on our world. In a starving world, it is wrong that we are throwing away food that is perfectly usable, with heads held in shame we are looking for ways to use everything in a kitchen.

Defining this trend

  1. Taking the time to learn about our impact on earth
  2. Adapting what and how we eat to reduce our carbon footprint
  3. Vegetables are starring on plates and in juices, good for us and the food chain
  4. Looking to improve not only our health but the health of the world around us
  5. Making the move from passive to assertive health, relying on functional, natural ingredients to keep us at our best
  6. Scrutinising and cutting back on our plastic waste or always ensuring it’s recyclable or compostable


Mexican orange jackfruit lentil stew

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