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Unusual Fusion recipes you need on your menu

Unusual Fusion recipes you need on your menu
Merging cuisines are growing in consumer curiosity and when it comes constructing these creative dishes, it really doesn’t need to be over-complicated! Our World Foods wholesale campaign has taken trending global cuisines and paired them perfect with menu favourites! These unusual fusion recipes couldn’t be any easier for you to include on your menus, and below are a few of our favourites you must try!

Spanish bao bun anyone? Our chorizo aioli bao bun only takes 15 minutes to cook and is the perfect recipe, combining two of our top trending cuisines! The deep smokiness from the chorizo, with the creamy garlic hit and softness of the steamed bao bun is not only deliciously tasty, it is a perfect starter or side dish to any menu.

How about our Moroccan inspired burger? A Marrakech souk burger is packed full of flavours which include a spiced tagine mayo, roasted peppers, a sweet orange infused slaw and a succulent beef burger that are enveloped between a warm toasted bun! A delicious take on a menu favourite!

Our Korean fries with chicken karaage – a clear menu favourite but with an oriental inspired twist! Perfect as a side dish or even one to share! Thin coated fries tumbled in our Korean gochujang hot red pepper paste, topped with chicken karaage, our Korean BBQ sauce, spring onions and sesame seeds! Delicious!

Sometimes, the fusion recipes can simply come from winging it – like our red pepper pesto and Grana Padano chicken wings recipe! Takes less than 10 minutes to cook and is the perfect finger licking treat to have on your menu this summer!

There we have it, 4 super simple, super delicious unusual fusion recipes following trending global flavours using key menu items! Head over to the World Foods homepage to discover more of our global cuisine recipes and discover more ways you can include trending cuisines and flavours on your menus!

Or to discover why unusual fusions are trending, head to our UK international food trends in 2023 page!

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