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Don't miss these 5 World Foods products

Don't miss these 5 World Foods products
Consumers want to be taken on a culinary journey across the globe, exploring new flavours from lands far and wide – without the need for their passport.

World Foods focuses on trending cuisines across Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, and we’ve highlighted some key global cuisine products from our World Foods range to help add these inspiring foods and flavours on your menu!


Up first, we have our Brindisa mini chorizo dulce (50054), these cooking chorizos are bursting with that deep smokey flavour and are spiced with mild smoked paprika. They add depth of flavour to many dishes and are rich in colour, we’ve crafted these into a delicious Spanish inspired salad recipe that is perfect for a lunch or dinner time occasion.


global cuisine product - Spanish inspired salad

Roasted squash and chorizo salad recipe

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Up next, we have our Japanese style chicken karaage (11419), essentially this is bite-sized chicken pieces which are best served deep fried… but don’t be fooled, these are packed full of crunch, moisture and flavour – soy sauce to be exact. Perfect on their own, or why not include in a bao bun like we did!


global cuisine product - Japanese bao buns

Chicken karaage bao buns with kimchi hoisin recipe

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Sticking to our Asian inspired cuisines, we want to share our Korean gochujang hot red pepper paste (80454). Gochujang can be used in marinades for meat dishes, stirred into dipping sauces or used to punch up stews or soups.

It is the perfect ingredient to add those all-important oriental, punchy flavours and a little goes a long way! We took a basic Scotch egg recipe and levelled it up with our gochujang paste! Take a look here…


global cuisine product - Korean Scotch eggs

Gochujang Scotch egg recipe

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Heading over to African inspired flavours, we have The StreetFood Co Mozambican coconut piri piri paste (46908). Again, this paste is ideal for marinating meats, stirring into dipping sauces and its flavours consist of tangy, hot and sweet. The perfect glaze to any barbecued foods.

We took this key menu favourite and crafted a deliciously moreish recipe – check it out below!


Piri piri and peanut African wings recipe

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Moving onto Mexican inspired flavours, another incredibly easy-to-use product is the StreetFood Co Mexican chilli orange paste (46916). Pastes are a great way to include World Food flavours onto already existing menu items whilst tapping into key on-trend cuisines! Our Mexican chilli orange paste is both sweet and warming and gives an authentic Mexican flavour to dishes.

Why not try our vegan chicken tostada recipe for some mouth-watering inspiration.


Pulled vegan chicken tostada with feta, orange and coriander recipe

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Travel over to the World Foods Wholesale homepage to discover more incredible World Foods global cuisine products and get inspired today! Where will your taste buds take you?


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