Date posted: 29/12/2021

Pulled vegan chicken tostada with feta, orange and coriander

  • Serves 10
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Vegan chicken fillets 690g
Everyday Favourites wheat flour tortilla 20
Olive oil 350ml
Red onion 600g
Mexican chilli orange paste 300g
Tomato base 1.2kg
Chipotle paste 40g
Coriander (chopped) 80g
Vegan feta style cheese 300g
Avocado (sliced) 180g
Orange 5
Micro coriander 60g
Lime 10


  1. Defrost the chicken style vegan fillets and tear into strips.
  2. Deep fry the tortilla in hot oil and drain on paper.
  3. In a deep frying pan add the oil and cook the sliced red onion until soft, then add the Mexican orange paste and cook for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Add the tomato base, pulled vegan chicken, chipotle paste and chopped coriander and bring to the required temperature.
  5. Top the tostada with the mix, crumbled vegan feta, avocado slices, orange segments and micro coriander.
  6. Chargrill half a lime and serve alongside.
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