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Our top 5 World Foods recipes

Our top 5 World Foods recipes
World Foods is our exciting new initiative, allowing you to travel on epic culinary journeys with trending cuisines from around the globe and discover new inspiring ways to embrace world foods on your menus. Below are our top 5 World Foods recipes for you to explore!


1. Spanish roasted squash and chorizo salad

Our roasted squash and chorizo salad is inspired by our Spanish cuisine! It gives a delicious combination of sweet and smokey chorizo flavours with a sticky sweet chilli dressing, creamy whipped goats cheese finished with pickled red onions.

It is fresh, vibrant and indulgently filling! Whether you’re looking for a generous lunch or satisfying dinner, this is the perfect Spanish summer menu option.

Find the recipe here.

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2. Sri Lankan dahl

Inspired by the aromatic flavours of Asia, this classic wholesome Dahl is beautifully rich and creamy, and the use of chick peas and tofu add a light, soft texture to this dish.

Create this delicious recipe in 30 minutes, and why not allow the customer to add their protein of choice?

Find the recipe here.

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3. Mexican tostadas

Our steak, pico de gallo and pickled onion tostadas are the perfect Mexican inspired treat!

Succulent rump steak on top of golden, crunchy tostadas, with sweet corn, black eyed beans, jalapenos and perfectly topped with pickled red onion and fresh coriander. Light but 100% satisfying!

Perfect to share or as a small plate option!

Find the recipe here.

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4. North African couscous salad

Our North African couscous salad uses fresh ingredients such as mint and orange which add bursts of flavours that complement the olives and infused grains perfectly!

A delicious, easy summer must have!

Find the full recipe here.

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5. Mixed cuisine bao buns

Unusual Fusions bao buns – Taking a recipe and mixing it up entirely. This is exactly what we did with the bao buns!

We created 4 unique recipes, using one key ingredient and flexing some pretty incredible world food flavours in there too!

Our favourite is the chorizo aioli, what will yours be?

Find the recipe here.

(Head over to the World Foods homepage to discover them all)


So there you have it, our top 5 World Foods recipes!

If you want to discover more World Food menu options or inspired product ranges, travel to our World Foods homepage and discover on-trend cuisines today!

Where will your taste buds take you?


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