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How to have an Asian-inspired summer menu

How to have an Asian-inspired summer menu
Asian food has grown in popularity over the years, some of the most popular growing cuisines include Korean, Japanese, Sri Lankan and Thai. That’s why we’re going to highlight how simple it is to incorporate these cuisines and food flavours on your menu and meet the growing demand. So, here’s how to have an Asian-inspired summer menu…

Japanese cuisine is heavily based around rice and soup-type dishes such as sushi, curry and ramen. There is also popularity with tempura which is lightly battered meats, seafood and vegetables – all of which can be incorporated on your menu in some way, whether it’s as a small plate or starter! One of our favourite products is our Japanese Style Chicken Karaage (11419).



Korean cuisine is something that many want to try but might not have access to, with 14% of food operators now including Korean inspired meal choices on their menus, will you join them?1

Simply add a Korean sauce to one of your menu favourites and tap into this trending cuisine! Try our Lion BBQ Korean sauce now (94429)

Sri Lankan cuisine is full of fragrant spices and intense selections of flavours and textures within their dishes. Curries made with coconut, fish or meat are popular within Sri Lankan cuisine, coming from the cuisine’s Indian influence. The Streetfood Company Sri Lankan Paste (26105) is perfect for crafting a Sri Lankan inspired curry!



42% of UK consumers already eat Thai food when dining out2 and although Thai food might not necessarily be a new concept to some, it is a cuisine that many people already eat and enjoy as a part of their eating out habits. Including our Knorr Blue Dragon Thai Red Curry sauce (09329) on your menu can be a great way to add global cuisines to your menu.



Now you’re all set to create a delicious Asian-inspired summer menu!

Head over to the World Foods Asia homepage to unlock our top trending oriental cuisines and discover more products, insights and delicious recipes to help you enhance global foods on your menu!


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2Bidfood & CGA by Nielsen IQ Trends 2023 bespoke consumer survey, 2,000 UK consumers

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