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Here you’ll find our new wave of innovation, the supporting range and recipes surrounding breakfast, brunch and lunch. We’ll cover areas such as creative croissants, eggs updated, super salads, sando fever, sweet treats and breakfast grown up which have all come from our Bidfood 2020 trend; Beyond the Basics.

In the UK out of home market we are continuing to see a rise in breakfast and brunch, with bookings having more than doubled in the last two years*. This has been supported by the increase in outlets providing all day breakfasts and the growing participation in all day dining. People love the freedom and social element that brunch provides with nothing off limits – sweet options and traditional breakfast dishes are popular choices, but we are also seeing a rise in fusion inspired brunches.

This merging of the day parts is not only a benefit to busy and social consumers, it also provides more opportunity for businesses to provide food and drink offerings during traditionally lower footfall periods.

All day dining gives consumers the option to sit in and eat or graze on-the-go, providing businesses with a takeout offering the opportunity to look at their food and drink ranges to ensure they can capture customers while they are on their way to their next destination.

*Foodspark, 5 figures that prove brunch and breakfast are big business, 2018

A little taste of our new products…

British free range scrambled egg bites

British free range scrambled egg bites

Two new egg bites, plain and cheesy, perfect alternatives to scrambled eggs for breakfast sandos and hotboxes

Beautiful kefir

Beautiful kefir

Tapping into that gut health trend, our new kefir is a rich cultured dairy drink. Available in plain and strawberry flavours

Breads & carriers

Breads & carriers

Looking for more gluten free breads, we’ve added a GF bagel and tortilla to our range as well as extra sourdough options and more

Ramona’s Kitchen dips

Ramona’s Kitchen dips

These three dips are a perfect alternative to houmous, and add a little global fusion to your menu

Brunch burgers

Brunch burgers

Part meat, part vegetable burgers from Big Als. They may be reduced in meat, but they are in no way reduced in deliciousness

Super ingredients

Super ingredients

We’re launching some of the superfood ingredients that consumers are loving. Powders such as hemp protein powder and wheatgrass are in the range as well and much more

Creative croissants

Croissants are and always have been a firm favourite with consumers in the UK and we see this continuing throughout 2020. After all, consumers spent £7.9bn on bakery products in 2019, which accounts for 14% of the entire industry’s value*. But croissants are now more than just a warmed pastry in the morning with coffee. They are being turned on their head and appearing across more day parts than ever before.

Croissants are now filled, either during the bake or after as more of a sandwich or dessert. Vegan versions are now also available to make this favourite accessible for even more consumers. And this doesn’t just apply to croissants, this can also apply to different types of vienoisserie and pastries such as swirls, morning buns and twists.

Think about how you can use croissants and pastries to create an innovative twist on your menus. Whether you chose to fill a ‘croll’, or provide a sweet filled croissant as a dessert, they are definitely a great way to add interest and theatre to your menu.

*Foodspark, 12 stats on the bakery market, 2019

  • Classic

    Deliciously buttery, classic croissants are the perfect flakey blank canvas, ready to allow the flavours of the fillings to do all the talking

  • Savoury

    Want to add a little flavour to your croissants pre-fill? We’ve got a range of savoury croissant options including one vegan spelt and quinoa option

  • Crolls & croissant hybrid

    The croissant hybrid is the perfect option for sandwich and pastry lovers. We’ve got the hugely popular croll available and a crois’sandwich – a blend of croissant and sandwich (if you didn’t guess already)

Eggs updated

Eggs started to trend last year and they continue to do the same this year. Lightly boiled, deep fried or baked, eggs are appearing in a wide range of forms. Global-style eggs are appearing on menus, with shakshuka leading the way and skillet eggs are a really popular offering for brunch paired with lots of greenery.

We’ve looked at the different ways you can add eggs to your menus, from providing those brunch options like skillet eggs to our new egg bites which are perfect for creating a breakfast or brunch hotbox as a takeaway option.

Humble toast

There is nothing simpler than a slice of toast. But toast is now being upgraded and becoming a popular menu choice for dine in and take out options. Delicious breads are now toasted or chargrilled and topped with the very best ingredients. We’ve put together some simple topped toast options for you to recreate but we’ve also launched a couple of delicious ready-to-top toasts, perfect if you just want to add the final flourishes to reduce kitchen prep time.

  • Ready-to-top toast from Danora

    One sweet, one savoury, this cinnamon toast and Welsh rarebit are perfect topped with toppings of your choice

  • Spicy Kimchi, cheese & egg topped toast recipe




  • Open rye bread with Kimchi butter, poached Salmon and seeds recipe

Sando fever

Sandwiches remain a popular lunch choice with a staggering 11.5 billion consumed in the UK each year.* They are also becoming the star of the breakfast table with people loving a warm breakfast sarnie to start the day. But sandwiches are more than just two slices of bread, a spread and a filling. It’s about taking the very best bread and super filling your sandwich with the best ingredients you can find. They are also taking inspiration from around the world, with fusion carriers and fillings that can make your menu stand out from the crowd. Have you thought about using a bao bun for an Asian-inspired sandwich option? Or a Yorkshire pudding wrap? Because who doesn’t like a Yorkshire pud.

But don’t forget about your offering for people with certain dietary requirements. Gluten free breads and carriers are now available, including our new gluten free bagel and tortilla, as well as our new vegan hotdog roll, which is perfect stuffed with a vegan sausage and BBQ pulled jackfruit.

*Foodspark, Gourmet sandwich safari: the upper crust of sarnies, December 2019

Mozzarella & semi-dried tomato topped toast

Mozzarella & semi-dried tomato topped toast

New York Bakery bagels plain sliced

New York Bakery bagels plain sliced

Super salads

Salads will never look the same again. Filled with vegetables and fruits, these modern salads are seen all year round, served with warm and cold ingredients for a temperature contrast.

Salads are now often topped with nuts, seeds and other superfoods as well as a variety of proteins or vegan and vegetarian ingredients. As well as fruit and vegetables, mixed grains are now an extremely popular base to salads as it can provide extra protein and carbohydrates depending on the grains used, making the dish more filling.

  • It’s all about that base

    Grains are a really popular choice for bases. Mix them together and you can create interesting flavour and texture combinations along with your toppings, salad ingredients and dressings

  • Toppers

    Whether you are wanting to create a vegan, vegetarian or meaty salad there are plenty of options to top onto your salad including tempeh, falafel, chicken or cheese.

  • Dressings

    From ready-to-use dressings, to a simple vinegarette, to a spicy Asian-inspired kitchen-made dressing the list in endless when it comes to dressing your salads.

Mini protein pots


Breakfast grown up

Breakfast has officially broken out of its morning boundaries and now more than ever is seen as an all-day dining experience. Especially with the emergence of brunch, which traditionally offers breakfast-style dishes at a later time of the day.

As well as the traditional brunch menu options such as eggs benedict and American-style waffles, we are seeing a modern twist on brunch where many outlets are edging into the lunch trade, blurring the lines between day parts even more. Global cuisines such as Thai, Sri Lankan, Mexican and Indian are also becoming popular on brunch menus.* And we are seeing Korean flavours and ingredients such as Kimchi and Gochujang making their way into foods like morning pastries and scotch eggs, adding that modern twist onto traditional or nostalgic menu items.

Another element of brunch that we’ve seen recently is the inclusion of fresh ingredients and spices added to dishes and drinks. Smoothies often have their own menus nowadays and spices such as turmeric are added to warmed milks, coffees and yogurts.

*Foodspark, We’re talking Venezuelan brunch, 2019

  • Breakfast

    Full English and other traditional breakfast options are still a very popular breakfast and brunch choice

  • Croque Monsieur

    Deliciously cheesey toasted breakfast sandwiches are a perfect on the go breakfast and brunch option. Simply heat up in your panini grill or Merrychef

  • Waffles & pancakes

    Is there anything better than pancakes or waffles topped with your favourite sweet or savoury muffins? We’ve now also got a vegan American pancake and plant based cream in the range for your vegan customers

Modern brunch

Sweet treats

Whether you are offering a takeaway range or dine in experience, snacking is still a big opportunity to increase consumers spend within your business. And displaying these tempting treats in your chillers, on your counters or by the till-side can help entice customers to purchase.

We’ve pulled together a great range that covers sweet bakery, from the new vegan lemon and blueberry cake to doughnuts and cookie pucks. We’ve also got some frozen and ambient sweet pre-wrapped till-side treats as well as some of the new alternatives to traditional crisps from Nairn’s and Proper Chips.

  • Cookie-based desserts

    Whether you are looking at our new chocolate chip cookie & marshmallow stack cake or adding skillet cookie dough to your dessert menus, cookies are most definitely a popular choice with consumers

  • Muffins

    We’ve got some brand new flowerpot muffins ideal for bakery displays including a banoffee and a chocolate orange one

  • Ambient snack bars

    The new range of ambient bars from the Handmade Cake Company are ideal as till side snacks!

Drink up! 

Over the last few years, the drinks market has gone through a lot of change. Consumers are moving away from traditional carbonated drinks and are showing more interest in drinks that provide an added health benefit. Cans are also becoming more widely used by drinks brands as they are seen as more on trend by consumers.

Brands like No.1 Living Kombucha, Moju booster shots and Biotiful Kefir all offer an added health benefit claim that consumers are really buying into. But it is not just cold drinks that are communicating the perceived health benefits of drinking their drink. Twinings new Superblends tea range talks about the added health benefits of the ingredients within each tea which appeals to the more health-conscious consumer.



Make up your own smoothies with some of our new on-trend powders from Super Nutrients

Turmeric coffee

Turmeric coffee

Something that is trending at the moment is turmeric coffee. Why not give it a try using our new Black+White Msia Coffee Club coffee bean which gives £3 to the One Foundation for every case sold to help fund sustainable water developments in Tanzania

Moju shots

Moju shots

Popular with consumers these little cold-pressed, concentrated shot drinks really do pack some flavour. So we ask you, what's your moju face?



Jonny Wilkinsons famed drink brand that promotes putting wellbeing first



Tapping into the gut health trend, we have two brand new Kefir drinks (a fermented milk drink). One original flavour, one strawberry

Energy drinks

Energy drinks

Energy are picking up again, new to our range we have Lucozade Revive adding to existing brands like Tenzing and Radnor Energy

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