Beyond the basics

This is all about taking basic dishes and making them bigger and better

Why is this a 2020 food trend?

Using the best quality ingredients, what we know as a simple thing, can turn into a very special dish or drink. Croissants filled with desserts, or sandwiches created with the very best artisanal bread – this is about taking something we know and love and using it as a base to indulge and explore

Key sub-trends for beyond the basics:

  1. Crazy croissants – Sweet or savoury, these new style croissants are over-filled and brightly coloured
  2. Humble toast – There is nothing simpler than a slice of toast, but using the very best ingredients can elevate it to something special
  3. Egg-cellent – Boiled or fried? Shakshuka or tea-stained? Duck or pheasant? 2020 is the year that all types of eggs and egg dishes will take centre stage!
  4. Back to British – Nostalgia is bigger than ever and foods from by-gone eras are being brought back to the present
  5. Sando fever – Take the very best bread and then fill (we mean fill) with the best ingredients you can find
  6. Breakfast grown up – Breakfast and brunch dishes don’t have to be eaten in the morning, they are appearing across all eating occasions
  7. Super salads – Wave goodbye to Waldorf and goodbye Greek, in 2020 salads will be getting bigger and better and eaten all year round

Why not try our new recipe to bring this trend to life


Ginger beer jerk chicken burger with mango salsa

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