Date posted: 26/06/2019

Ginger beer jerk chicken burger with mango salsa

  • Serves 10
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Farmstead chicken breast fillet skinless 200-230g 10
Major Caribbean jerk mari-base 200g
Everyday Favourites coating batter mix 300g
Schweppes ginger beer glass 200ml
Tomatoes 4
Red onion 100g
Red cabbage 100g
Coriander 50g
Knorr Professional ginger puree 15g
Diced mango 150g
Cheese topped bun 10
Major Caribbean jerk mari-base 180ml
Everyday Favourites mayonnaise 200ml
Boiron mango purée 150ml


  1. Trim the chicken and cut into even size chunks.
  2. Marinade the chicken for 2 hours or overnight in jerk marinade.
  3. Make the batter using the ginger beer as the liquid instead of water, according to the pack instructions.
  4. Coat the chicken in a little extra dry batter mix, then dip in the batter and deep-fry on 180 for five minutes or until cooked, drain on kitchen paper, keep warm.
  5. Salsa - deseed and finely dice the tomato, peel and finely dice the red onion, break off leaves of red cabbage, cut into small dice, chop the coriander, mix all together with the ginger and mango chunks.
  6. Serve in a cheese topped bun.
  7. Serve with jerk mango mayo.
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