Date posted: 26/02/2020

Gochujang omelette wrap

  • Serves 10
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Free range whole liquid egg 500ml
Spring onions - finely sliced 80g
Coriander - chopped 10g
Extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil 50ml
Gochujang paste 40g
Fillets Farmstead chicken fillet - skin on 140g 5
Asian slaw mix 200g
Everyday Favourites crushed chillies 2g


1. Mix the liquid egg with the spring onions and chopped coriander to make 10 omelettes. 2. In a frying pan add the oil and then fry the gochujang paste with the chicken and Asian-style slaw mix. Once cooked roll the chicken and vegetables with the omelettes and serve with a sprinkling of crushed chilli.
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