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10 products you will need this summer

10 products you will need this summer
Fewer product choices paired with continuously rising prices has meant streamlining the products we use is something we have become accustomed to. But less choice makes everything simpler and it can even be more sustainable and cost effective!

This may mean that you have already streamlined your menu this summer, but what about the catering supplies products you use in a commercial kitchen?

Choosing products for your kitchen can be a minefield, so it’s important to bring it back to basics and ensure you have that core range that will really help you to do what you do best – cook and serve great food!

Let’s have a look at the products we think you will need this summer!


1. EcoVate all surface cleaner and degreaser


This is the most important product to have in any kitchen, as food safety in the kitchen is a must! Not only is this a powerful surface cleaner and degreaser spray formulated to cut through tough dirt and grime, its environmental footprint is minimal. For instance, this product is 99.99% biodegradable and the container is made from post-consumer recycled material and is recyclable.


2. BioVate salad wash 5L


A salad is a staple on any summer menu! This salad wash is made from natural, biodegradable ingredients, making it environmentally friendlier than typical products of this kind.

Using a salad wash can help extend the shelf life of produce, reducing food waste, and it can be used on all types of fruit and vegetables. The container is made from post-consumer recycled material and is recyclable.


3. Fibre hot cup lid 12oz


Frappes and iced coffees may be popular in the summer months but sometimes you can’t beat a hot cup of coffee to kick start your day. If you are looking for a plastic-free cup lid for your hot cups, choose a fibre hot cup lid. Made from reclaimed sugarcane fibre pressed into hot cup lids, it’s perfect for your coffee to go!


4. Bizzi kids pig and cow food boxes


Now is the time to think about your kids menu to capitalise on the school holiday trade. Our fun and exciting Bizzi Food Boxes are covered with lots of puzzles and activities. The boxes are easy to assemble and ideal for grab and go meals.


5. Paper disposable three piece cutlery set


Are you ready for The Single Use Plastic Ban coming into effect from the 1st October 2023? The ban includes items from new and existing stock, so use up your existing stock now and be prepared by finding alternative products.

Paper cutlery is a great alternative, made out of laminate paper pressed into an ultra-light knife and fork combinations. It’s also strong enough for the tougher foods thanks to its profiled design.


6. Notpla medium tray


Outdoor dining gives that ultimate summer vibe – ensure you have enough disposable product to serve your food for takeaways!

We have listed a new range from Notpla – the UK-based sustainable packaging pioneer and winner of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize 2022! A truly innovative product using seaweed as a lining for the paper board used in food packaging. It has similar grease and water-resistant qualities as plastic, but offers users simple, guilt-free disposal options, either through home-compost, industrial or by being placed in paper recycling streams.

Even if it ends up on the street it biodegrades as quickly as a banana! The products have no hidden plastic, no chemicals and no complex waste management.


7. Brown Kraft pizza box 12″


Pizza is a cost effective solution to have on your menu and is a popular choice by a nation of pizza lovers. These brown kraft pizza boxes can be used as they come, or why not personalise them by using branded stickers or branded greaseproof paper.


8. Sauce bottle clear 12oz


Don’t forget your sauces for your hot dogs and chips. These bottles are perfect for any street food concept using ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard.


9. Blue centre feed roll


It would be rare to walk into a commercial kitchen and not see blue roll – an all-rounder for spills, cleaning or even drying wet hands, blue roll is key for kitchens… so this one goes without saying!


10. Floor cleaner


Kitchens can be greasy, dirty places – with food dropping on floors, oil being used and kitchens being so busy. Therefore, an effective, degreasing floor cleaner is essential to ensuring safety and hygiene.


We know there are a lot more products that are needed in a kitchen, but we wanted to show a few that we thought were essential, helping you streamline and keep costs down.

Explore the whole range on our Catering Supplies website and be sure to look out for our quick basic guides – coming soon!


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