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10 catering supplies our Chefs can’t live without

10 catering supplies our Chefs can’t live without

Having the right equipment is a crucial part of the process of preparing a dish, and that starts with catering supplies. Our high-quality products make preparing dishes quick and easy with their multi-tasking functions, and their ergonomic design makes repetitive tasks comfortable.

Check out our list of our chefs’ favourite products in the kitchen!

catering supplies for chefs - silicone mat

 1. Silicone baking mat (12989)

A silicone baking mat is a staple in every kitchen as it prevents any baking goods getting stuck on a tray. It’s durable and heat-resistant, making it a more sustainable alternative to baking paper as you can reuse and rewash it multiple times. Did you know you don’t need to hand wash it, simply put it in the dishwasher!

catering supplies for chefs - door stops

2. Door stops (59360)

Who would have thought rubber door stops would be a necessity that our chefs can’t live without, but you would be surprised by how much these little helpers come in handy. Keeping the kitchen running smoothly and ensuring doors are kept secure. Not to mention they can also help outside the kitchen and can double up as makeshift holders underneath your furniture on uneven surfaces.

Also… they help with slamming doors, which can be quite annoying for any chef!

catering supplies for chefs - butterfly can opener

3. Butterfly can opener (05588)

The butterfly can opener has an unusual name, but makes perfect sense as it has two arms that look like wings. It helps every chef in the kitchen. Meal prepping just got a whole lot easier with its ergonomic design making it a breeze when opening cans.

4. Multitasking scissors (12180)

Scissors… two products in one. Designed to cut food and open bottles. Cut your food with the scissor section and open bottles with the side incision.

Perfect for when things get hot in the kitchen.

5. Squeeze sauce bottles (58205)

Have you got your ready-made sauces in jars? Squeeze sauce bottles to the rescue! This product ensures the right amount of sauce is dispensed with their precise control giving the added bonus of no mess being made.

6. Fridge freezer thermometer (18196)

No fancy gadgets are needed, this little but mighty fridge freezer thermometer is one of the oldest gadgets in the kitchen, making it the most trusted. It ensures you adhere to safety standards and keeps produce nice and fresh in your fridge freezer.

7. Stainless steel tongs (18601)

Essential to any kitchen are the stainless steel tongs, helping chefs get a comfortable grip for whatever culinary tasks lies at hand.

8. Aluminium baking tray (04540)

Crafted for durability and even temperature distribution our aluminium baking trays are perfect for all types of culinary goods ensuring even browning. Featuring a non-stick surface there’s no more need for baking parchment, making them a more sustainable solution.

9. Chopping board (67199)

Colour coded and perfect to spot! Our chopping boards come in a variety of colours great for food health and safety, preventing any cross contamination risks. Are you using purple chopping boards for allergen food prep? Read more about catering for allergens here: 3 key considerations when managing allergens.

10. Two-way speed peeler

Efficient at getting things done in food preparing. The two-way speed peeler is equipped with a dual blade, taking peeling to another level. It’s lightweight and offers longevity with its durability.

There you have it! Our top catering supplies our chefs can’t live without!

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