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8 products you need in your kitchen

8 products you need in your kitchen
Most of us have had to streamline the way we live, with fewer product choices available and the increases in prices, whether that is the food we buy or the clothes we wear. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it makes us more sustainable and, in fact, less choice makes everything simpler.

Now the same principle applies to a commercial kitchen – do we really need 5 whisks or 10 cleaning products? Choosing products for your kitchen can be a minefield, it’s important to bring it back to basics and ensure you have that core range that will really help you to do what you do best – cook and serve great food!

So let’s take a look at what these products are?


1. Surface sanitiser (07948)



This is the most important product to have in any kitchen as food safety in the kitchen is a must! These come in both dispenser format and spray bottles.


2. Blue Centre Feed roll (04355)




It would be rare to walk into a commercial kitchen and not see blue roll – an all-rounder for spills, cleaning or even drying wet hands, blue roll is key for kitchens.


3. Washing up liquid (05385)



Commercial dishwashers are a wonderful thing, but there are some things that still need to be washed up by hand – that’s where our trusty washing up liquid comes in. Small bottles, big bottles – take your pick, but we all know we can’t live without it!


4. Floor cleaner (35881)



Kitchens can be greasy, dirty places – with food dropping on floors, oil being used and kitchens being so busy, an effective, degreasing floor cleaner is essential to ensuring safety and hygiene.


5. Cling film (46132)



No kitchen can live without cling film! Helping to keep food fresh for longer and key to food safety and not forgetting keeping food waste to a minimum.


6. Hot takeaway containers


sustainable packaging


If you are not offering a delivery/food-to-go service, you’re missing a trick! The pandemic really gave this industry a boost and it isn’t slowing down. Great food packaging is a must and fit for purpose is essential, consider packaging that holds the heat and is leak-proof. There are several options to choose from such as bagasse, kraft and foil.

For more info on this, check out our sustainable food to go packaging blog! 


7. Disposable cutlery (13270, 13269, 13268)



Don’t forget the finishing touches by giving out disposable cutlery with your food-to-go offering, choosing from a range of sustainable options; wooden, PLA and now also new innovative paper cutlery which are light but strong and have a great silky smooth feel


8. Hot cups (13271, 13272)



We are now a nation of coffee drinkers as café culture has boomed in the UK. There is now a wide choice of coffee cup options to choose from in both kraft and white. For a more sustainable option choose compostable cups with new to the market paper lids!


We know there are a lot more products that are needed in a kitchen, but we wanted to show a few that we thought were essential, helping you streamline and keep costs down.

Explore the whole range on and be sure to look out for our quick basic guides – coming soon!


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