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10 summer disposables you’ll want to get your hands on

10 summer disposables you’ll want to get your hands on

At catering supplies we want to lend a hand and help you with your summer disposables. Now that summer is on its way, join us to see what’s in store for you. We will be talking about some classics that always make a statement in summer and some exciting new products that have recently joined our range just in time!
So here we go, starting with a little colour to brighten up your day.

1. Tutti Frutti ice cream pots

Bring in the start of summer with these colourful pots of joy. These pots will definitely peek some interest with their rainbow like colours. Our newest edition to our summer disposables range are the coolest ice cream pots on the market. Ideal for ice cream but also perfect as a samples pot for either hot or cold food.
A great addition to add to your selection of disposables especially if you offer outdoor seating to your customers. Available in 4oz 19744 (one ice cream scoop) and 6oz 18346 (two ice cream scoops).
Sustainably-sourced board and lined with plant-based PLA. Not only do they look good but they make sure you get no leaks plus are commercially compostable where accepted. Giving you the added bonus of offering your customers a product which is designed to be safe for the environment.

2. Tutti Frutti ice cream spoons

The tutti frutti ice cream pots have matching spoons! A perfect combo for any outdoor foodservice. Each pack comes with pink, purple, blue, green and yellow spoons. Tutti frutti spoons (18388) are great for ice cream, sorbets and yoghurts. They have a comfortable grip and rounded edges for a superior eating experience.
Plus, they’re made from plants, meaning they are commercially compostable! No more worry and fuss with how you dispose.

3. Salad containers

Why not update your menu with a summer salad? The rPET salad container offers visibility of contents, so your customers know exactly what they are getting. It’s made from recycled plastic and is fully recyclable a perfect combo to outdoor summer dining for you and your customers!
It’s available in 5 sizes so you can offer different sizes of a salad, cold pasta and even cous cous.

4. Flexi glasses

Want to offer a better solution to your outdoor drinking service? Flexi glasses are light and clear and are perfect for any cold drink. They’re available in half pint (07245) and pint to brim (07247) glasses in 284ml. They can be stacked efficiently for optimal service with smooth pull apart during busy service, plus they are flexible and crack resistant.
And, did you know… the flexi glasses are fully recyclable?!

5. Kids meal boxes

No matter where you go, keeping the little ones entertained is a must! We have some exciting animal themed kid’s meal boxes (94022) that are sure to keep little ones occupied for when parents enjoy their meal. They’re easily stackable and fully recyclable and include a variety of fun activities to stimulate little ones.
Why not get the matching crayons (94028) to go with your boxes? Making your kids meal boxes a perfect match as part of your dining service for the summer.

6. Red and white straws

You can’t have a summer drink without the perfect straw! We have just the straw for you. Strong with excellent dwell time due to their 300-350 gsm paper. Our red and white Straw (40325) is perfect for use with milkshakes, smoothies and juices.
Plus, they’re made from responsibly sourced FSC® certified paper meaning wherever they land, the paper will naturally degrade in oceans, rivers and is safe for marine life.
Not to mention they only have food safe ink and are gluten free along with the added bonus of being recyclable and PFAS free!

7. rPET cold cups

Summer is all about smoothies! rPET cups are a great solution for all your drinks, each cold cup makes less of an impact with their low carbon footprint. Each cold cup is made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET (r-PET) and is even recyclable after use.
They’re available in a variety of sizes with a brim capacity of 284ml (50528). Flexible and durable making sure there are no spills and offers clear transparency to see smoothie contents inside. Don’t forget your lids!

8. PLA combo portion lid

New to our summer disposables range is the PLA combo portion lid (18520). It fits our cold cups and bella pots, the perfect combination for yoghurts to granola or even crudités and dips! All you have to do is attach your 2, 3 or 4oz PLA portion pot to your combo set up.
They’re made from plants and are clear in visibility so you can still see all the goodness inside!

9. Sandwich wedges

You would be surprised how many people in the UK eat sandwiches. We’ve got you covered! Our sandwich wedges are easy and quick to assemble, brilliant for all food service so you can keep up with the high demand. We have several options that you can choose from.
Standard wedge (57837) to deep fill wedge (13074) all including a visibly clear PLA window not to mention they are recyclable and compostable!

10. Lunch napkins

Ideal for light meals and snacks, don’t be fooled by their light texture, they are super absorbent for easy mop up of food and drink spills. The Tork lunch napkin 2ply (80957) offers a quality product without going over budget. Did you know we offer other napkins, in a variety of colours and sizes?

There you have it! For some more summer disposables inspiration head over to our catering supplies website to see our full range of disposables.

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