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3 simple but effective products to deep clean your kitchen

3 simple but effective products to deep clean your kitchen

Wouldn’t it be great if we could complete all our deep clean kitchen jobs with just three simple products? Well luckily for you, Catering Supplies have you covered! These 3 products belong within our professional supplies range and have been trusted by the industry to perform at the level required. Without further ado, it’s time to meet the products:

1. Pro Supplies ready to use sanitiser

A hero product within our professional supplies range! Not only will this meet all your sanitising demands, it can be used on all water washable surfaces. One of my personal favourites for when you’re running short on time.
Pro supplies (07948) ready to use sanitiser performs with a contact time of just 30 seconds! Meaning staff will spend little time in getting rid of nasty bacteria. Not to mention, this ready to use sanitiser is completely safe to use in food prep areas and also has the benefit of the bottles and trigger heads being 100% recyclable.

2. Pro Supplies ready to use heavy duty degreaser

Don’t forget about our ready to use heavy duty cleaner! This product is great at doing multiple jobs, ideal for cleaning greasy floors, walls, and work tops around the kitchen.
A great product for managing the majority of your deep cleaning requirements. What more could you ask for?!
The pro supplies (90919) ready to use heavy duty degreaser is a perfume free cleaner, meaning scents won’t get transferred in food prep areas. This product can be dispensed into a mop bucket to clean floors or can be dispensed into our refill trigger bottle (72506) to clean canopies and work surfaces.

3. Pro Supplies ready to use heavy duty oven cleaner

Not just an oven cleaner but an effective product on grills, as well as any piece of equipment with stubborn carbon build up!
Now that’s what we call getting the most out of your cleaning product. Pro supplies (14309) ready to use heavy duty oven degreaser’s thickened gel clings to vertical surfaces ensuring maximum contact time for improved cleaning performance. Just what you need to make your kitchen clean up easier at the end of the day!
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Well there you have it, three items to deep clean your kitchen from top to bottom that you know you can trust. By cleaning with these items, you will be using products that are manufactured here in the UK!
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They are only a small part of the range that we offer with professional supplies – find more on our website, along with access to all data sheets as well as product training.
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