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5 simple steps to keeping your kitchen clean

5 simple steps to keeping your kitchen clean

Keeping surfaces clean is a must-have in a kitchen, whether that be worktops or floors. Make sure surfaces are cleaned properly and effectively sanitised, while also being aware of the impact some products could have on the environment. We have put a list together of catering supplies products that are sure to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

1. Kitchen surfaces

Making sure surfaces are disinfected properly is one of the most essential steps in food preparation. A product we recommend is 10854 EcoVate all surface cleaner and degreaser. This economical spray and wipe cleaner is formulated to cut through dirt and grim. It’s safe to use on a variety of hard, water washable surfaces. Perfect for all catering environments! Use our 88422 biodegradable J cloth. Did you know that the J cloth is also compostable?

2. Kitchen floors

Kitchen cleaning doesn’t just stop with worktop surfaces… Ensuring the floor surface is grease-free and isn’t a slip hazard could add great benefits to your kitchen. We recommend our 14966 Biovate floor cleaner to be used along with a mop and bucket specifically designed for avoiding cross-contamination. Suitable for all flooring and routine use, it deep cleans and disinfects plus deodorises.

3. Sanitising

Always making sure food prep areas are disinfected is something crucial in your kitchen. This step will help avoid cross contamination with food borne diseases like salmonella and E.coli. For this step, we specifically picked our 07948 Pro Supplies ready-to-use sanitiser. It removes bacteria from equipment and surfaces, helping stop harmful bacteria from getting into food. All you have to do is spray and wipe! It is also food safe for food prep areas which makes it easy and quick to use.

4. Washing up

Of course, you can’t go without washing-up liquid in any kitchen! 05385 Pro Supplies green washing up liquid leaves crockery and glassware clean and sparkling and contains skin-softening ingredients to reduce irritation and dryness. It’s great at doing its job with pots and pans but, did you know, you can also use it to clean surfaces, walls, and even floors?

5. Shiny ovens

Last but not least! Ovens… One to add to your daily kitchen routine. 14974 Ecovate oven cleaner is an eco-friendly ready-to-use cleaner perfect for ovens, grills, and hobs. Perfect for tough stains, baked-on deposits, and carbon. Leave it on for a few minutes to let it do its magic and wipe it away to reveal a clean oven.

There you have it! Some simple but effective products to help you keep your kitchen clean. Have a look through our basics of kitchen hygiene guide where you can see some of these products.

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