by Graeme Crompton

Top 4 products to help keep your oven clean

Top 4 products to help keep your oven clean
Here at Bidfood Catering Supplies, we recognise that out of all the cleaning tasks in any kitchen space – oven cleaning can often be one of the most challenging and least fun! But never fear, we can offer several market leading professional cleaning solutions that will leave your oven sparklingly clean in no time!

During this blog – I will explore 4 different ready-to-use oven cleaners that will add serious value to your cleaning regimen and save you time in the long-run.

Secret fact: whilst many oven cleaning products are referred to as “cleaners” – they act more of a liquefier, mobilising stubborn stains caused by the burning effect when heating food stuffs to a very high temperature.


1. Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner by Professional Supplies (14309: 6 x 750ml)




Without question, some of the toughest stains to remove from an oven, griddle or Panini grill is any carbonised or caramelised food stuff – especially cheese! Our own brand oven cleaner has a gel like consistency that ensures maximum contact time for improved cleaning performance.


2. D9 Suma Grill and Oven Cleaner by Diversey (32298: 6 x 750ml)




This highly alkaline detergent is suitable for periodic cleaning of heavily soiled ovens, grills or salamanders. This product means there is no need for any strenuous scrubbing and will cut through burnt-in stains with ease!


3. Greaselift by Ecolab (26302: 6 x 750ml)




Greaselift features a unique technology that actually penetrates tough, baked on grease and lifts it away from the surface. A powerful degreaser that is biodegradable, odour-free and will not damage aluminium surfaces.


4. Green Cleaner Tablet by Rational (80789: 150 tablets)




The only non-750ml trigger bottle based product on our list! This new sustainability focused oven cleaning tablet by Rational will soon become the go-to product for any professional Rational oven owner. Originally targeted at all new (post 2020) Rational ovens, this new product can now be used in all older Rational ovens once you complete a simple software update.

The Green Cleaner Tablet by Rational is phosphate and phosphorus-free and will save up to 50% on the standard cleaning chemicals of other Rational tablets. So regardless if you have a SelfCookingCentre or CombiMasterPlus – you’re now able to enjoy the benefits of a more sustainable product, including high-performance and intense cleaning capabilities.


Click each link above for a video run-through on how to update the software on each oven type.

Remember to wear the correct PPE equipment to protect the user when using chemicals for cleaning, such as rubber gloves and aprons. For a full range of PPE product and chemicals visit our website or take a look at the Helping you with… Hygiene guide.

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