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5 examples of innovative products with sustainable features

5 examples of innovative products with sustainable features
I recently visited Paper-Round, which is a Material Recovery Facility; they collect and manage the process of getting materials to the recyclers and converters who then convert the materials into new products.

I came back with very mixed feelings, the site was itself such a drive for positive change but the reality was something different! In the middle of the site there was a big pile – all the rubbish that cannot be recycled but had been placed in the recycling bin by the consumer anyway. Around the pile, employees sort out rubbish into the correct piles so that the material can be recycled. This in itself is a real dangerous job, as you don’t know what can be found in bins. What was so heart-breaking to see is that the pile in the middle of the site far outweighed what was being recycled!

This eye opening visit changed my own behaviour – we now as a family have started recycling everything we can even soft plastics which can now be recycled at supermarkets.

Recycling and effective waste management is undoubtedly a key part of protecting the environment, but what products are made of is equally important. This blogs looks at 5 products that have been developed with sustainability in mind.




flexi gastronorm lid

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Encouraging usage of reusable products is the first step to being sustainable. Take cling film, for example – It’s great for covering your food and keeping it fresh. But after one usage, it goes in the bin! But an innovative reusable option is now available – Flexsil-Lids by Wrapmaster is a food-grade silicone lid that fits GN trays and steam pans. The lid locks in freshness with an airtight seal, which is flexible, durable and reusable multiple times.

Not only does this reduce waste but also reduces cost over time, as you can use the product again and again.





We all know that hygiene is the key factor in any kitchen, but how do you clean whilst also thinking about the environment? Read more about how to clean green here.

We have recently partnered up with Biovate Hygienics to deliver a complete hybrid cleaning solution using bacteria to clean! Did you know that bacteria has been a natural cleaner since the beginning of time! There are friendly bacteria that produce the necessary enzymes that eat fats, oils, grease and other dirt sources found in kitchens.

We have two ranges to choose from – Biovate, is a complete solution of highly concentrated biological products, using the latest probiotic cleaning, ideally for high usage areas. The second range – EcoVate are ready to use products supporting the Biovate range using green soft chemistry. This has a far lower environmental impact than many other products on the market, and they are ideal for low usage areas.

Not only are these products not harmful to the environment but the packaging of both ranges are recyclable and made from PCR plastic. And by being manufactured in the UK, transportation emissions are reduced!


Stagione Kraft packaging


stagione packaging

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Stagione Kraft Packaging is the perfect solution for both hot and chilled food to go. The natural kraft artisan packaging are sturdy, leak-proof, have great heat retention for delivery and are made out of FSC® board. Use the rPET (this means it is made out of recycled plastic) anti-mist lid for chilled dishes such as premium salads or poke styles dishes.

All products including the rPET lid are recyclable under OPRL guidelines meaning you can put them in your mixed recycling bin at home- which couldn’t be simpler!


Paper lids & cutlery


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With plastic being such a complex topic in terms of sustainability there has been a lot of development in paper products.

We now also have paper hot cup lids and paper cutlery! The Vegware hot cup lids are made out of sustainably-sourced paper, lined with bio-based, moisture resistant film. It has an innovative pull back tab revealing a sip hole for hot drinks to go. We have tried them and the lids don’t go soggy!

And who would have thought we could eat with paper cutlery, but where there is a will there is a way and now we have single use cutlery and cutlery pack made out of paper. This truly innovative product is sturdy, lightweight and has a silky feel.

We encourage you to try them you would never know they are made out of paper.


Bottle Up


bottle up

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Bottle Up is produced in the UK and filled with British spring water. The bottle is made from 97% plant-based material, 3% natural colouring and contains 0% BPA. The bottles are endlessly reusable, dishwasher safe and at end of life, completely recyclable. The life cycle assessment shows that the bottles are carbon negative, meaning the sugar cane plant used to produce the bottles, extracts more CO2 from the air during growth, than is used to produce and transport the bottles.

Sugar cane requires little to no fertilizer or additional irrigation and when all the sweet stuff is squeezed out, the remaining pulp, called bagasse, can be used as fuel, feed, fertilizer, or in our case; turned into durable plant based packaging. The sugar cane comes from Brazil using sustainable farming methods and is fully compatible with the UK recycling industry.

And it doesn’t end there, every bottle sold includes 100L of clean drinking water to communities in developing countries. Grab & Go and Go and Go and Go…


We continue on our journey to source innovative products with sustainable elements, which is an area that is in demand from our consumers and can provide real opportunity for your business. Remember it is all about the four R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew. Take a look at our new dedicated sustainable page for more information on all things packaging with sustainable features.

You can also read more about Bidfood’s wider sustainability goals here: Positive force for change | sustainability | Bidfood UK


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