by Michaela Bateman

10 easy tips to be more sustainable

10 easy tips to be more sustainable
Sustainability is back on the agenda! And if anything the pandemic has made us all rethink what we want our future to be. We all need to do our bit for the environment to ensure we minimise the risk of future pandemics and cut our collective impact on the planet.

We do need to take bigger steps to tackle climate change and keep our landscapes and waters clean. But it is also the little steps that make a big difference and why wait? We need to start making a change today!

So what can we do now?

Being more sustainable can feel overwhelming so we have put together 10 hints & tips that you can start now to help with putting the environment at the heart of your day-to-day operation.



1. Keep the lid on your milk bottles and they will also get recycled.




2. Don’t be a ‘wish cycler’ by putting items in the recycling bin that can’t be recycled, it can contaminate the recycling process.




3. Encourage you customers to dine in to reduce single use packaging.




4. Print menus on recycled paper.




5. Work with your waste contractor to get the best set up for collection and recycling service.




6. Use social media to create a positive recycling story and tell your customers!




7. Don’t waste water on washing all your recycling, just remove any food.




8. Swap out non-recyclable packaging for reusable and recyclable materials.




9. Cut down on printed receipts and offer an email service.




10. Don’t recycle anything that is smaller than a credit card it will get stuck in the recycling machine.




Being sustainable can actually also save costs, bring more people to your business and keep your staff motivated and happy. But making sustainable and responsible decisions aren’t as black and white in the world of catering and rarely one choice is the right one.

To help you understand more about how you can choose the right products for your business, whether that is reducing consumption or using reusable, recyclable or renewable products, take a look at the Helping you with…Sustainability guide which gives you lots of choice of how you can make these changes today.


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