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5 products to help you save costs in the New Year

5 products to help you save costs in the New Year
We are all feeling the purse string tighten with fears over increasing energy, food bills and mortgage payments. At home we can put that extra jumper on, be mindful of the electrical appliances we use and shop more frugally by checking the yellow sticker isle in the supermarket, but what can we do in foodservice to save costs?

We have put together some ideas of what you can do to be a bit smarter with products you use to save on costs.


Food-to-go packaging

Consolidating your range, whether that is on food or packaging, can save on costs. Offering less choice on the menu means less wastage and by having fewer choices of food-to-go packaging it means you buy fewer products that not only save on space but also reduce damages.

Bio Boxes (08603, 99214, 92006) are very versatile, suitable for hot and cold food, they can be used with most styles of dish and are even a great choice for serving sweet treats such as cake slices and muffins. These boxes are sustainable as they have a water based grease and water resistant coating, which means that they are also great for foods containing liquid. They are made out of recycled material and are both recyclable and commercially compostable.



Film, foil & baking parchment

Have you thought about changing from a cutterbox to a Wrapmaster® dispensers? Yes the initial outlay is higher than a cutterbox, but you will quickly save costs over time! The benefits of Wrapmaster® are clear, with proven cost savings of up to 25%* on food wrap usage versus impractical cardboard cutter boxes. With waste a hot topic world-wide, mindful chefs are also benefiting the environment with Wrapmaster® using 20% less cling film, 25% less foil and 25% less parchment* thanks to the dispenser’s usability and ease of use.

Built with usability, hygiene and safety in mind, Wrapmaster® dispensers (70548, 70546) have a concealed blade for safe, precise, and efficient cutting of cling film, aluminium foil or baking parchment. Chefs, kitchen, and catering staff can work smarter not harder.



The all purpose cloth is the most popular cloth in foodservice, it is designed for use over a single shift and then thrown away. By switching to a super cloth you can save costs as it can be reused and laundered up to 40 times. Yes the initial cost is about 3 times the cost of an all purpose cloth, but you quickly save money over the 40 uses. The super cloth comes in the standard colours of blue, green, red and yellow (25522, 25524, 25525, 11091).




Having napkins available to your customers is essential but did you know that using a Tork® Xpressnap Napkin dispensing system can save up to 25% of napkin usage? This not only saves on costs but is better for the environment with less wastage and also promotes better hygiene because customers only touch the napkin they take.




A great way to save substantially on cleaning products is to switch from ready to use products to super concentrates. Using Biovate’s super concentrates will cost you pennies instead of pounds compared to ready to use products. A 1.5 litre pouch concentrate will produce 300 trigger bottles, which would not only mean a substantial saving for your pocket but for the planet too.

By using pouches you will be reusing the trigger bottles, reducing the wastage by 300 plastic bottles! Not only are these products not harmful to the environment but the packaging is recyclable and made from PCR plastic. And by being manufactured in the UK, transportation emissions are reduced!



As we move into 2023 we will be looking at other ways of how to save costs using Catering Supplies, look out for out series of cost saving blogs!

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*Restaurant trial. 20% less cling film, 25% less foil, 25% less parchment versus Cardboard Cutter box.

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