Day part dilemma

Did you know the times of day for when consumers eat are becoming blurred, making day parts such as brunch, linner and drunch more popular?*

MCA 2016

Two ways with – Bacon

Breakfast, lunch, dinner… bacon is a highly versatile option that is great for any day-part! The most popular of all bacons, our Farmstead unsmoked rindless back bacon has approximately 38 rashers per pack, providing fantastic value for money!

One way with – Cheddar cheese

A simple block of cheese has so many uses! Grated onto a jacket
potato for a speedy lunchtime option or sliced for a classic Welsh
rarebit. Whatever you choose, our Everyday Favourites Mild Cheddar
is sure to provide consistently great flavour.

Two ways with – Chicken

Whether its poached, grilled or anything inbetween, dishes using the humble chicken breast can be made as simple or as complex as you like. Our Farmstead poultry range provides a great choice, always consistent quality you can trust, at prices you’ll love.

Two ways with – Strawberry Jam

Strawberry jam is a staple product loved by all and there are some great uses for any that you have left over. A freshly baked cake is a perfect partner or for something a little more contemporary, why not try adding into a cocktail? The sugar and fruit content makes it an ideal ingredient!

Afternoon Tea

Originating in the early 19th century, afternoon tea is a British tradition that is still just as popular today and provides a fantastic opportunity to gain extra income between lunch and dinner service. Whether you want to keep it traditional or try a modern twist, we have the range for it all

Crockery & Cutlery 

The type of crockery you serve your afternoon tea on can really help set the scene. Take the vintage print collection for example, it’s a great way to give your afternoon tea a traditional feel whilst the Whites range adds a touch of elegance

Chocolate Themed Afternoon Tea

Every chocolate lovers dream! With chocolate flavoured scones, Nutella and chocolate mini bites, this afternoon tea spread is all about indulgence!

Nostalgic Afternoon Tea

Cheese & pickle, beef & horseradish, Victoria sponge… classic flavours that are still loved by all!

Chocolate treats

When creating a delicious afternoon tea, adding a scratch cook option is a great way of giving your spread a signature twist. This indulgent brownie recipe is rich, gooey and perfect for cutting into bite-sized pieces. Here are three serving suggestions to try with our brownie recipe!

Irresistible ice cream

There’s no doubt about it, ice cream is a staple product for summer. So this year, we’ve worked with our friends over at Yarde Farm to create four brand new favours that are exclusive to us this summer. The range has something for all; peanut butter jelly for a nostalgic flavor to lime and basil for something a little more contemporary.

Who are Yarde Farm?

Yarde Farm are a long established ice cream manufacturer who specialise in luxury and indulgent dairy ice cream made with double cream, clotted cream & butter. Their delicious, local and national award-winning products are made with expert care by a small team of dedicated frozen dessert enthusiasts at their factory near Plymouth, in the beautiful West Country.

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