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Top 5 recipes for Veganuary

Top 5 recipes for Veganuary

It’s Veganuary!! The month where many consumers are kick starting 2024 with healthier lifestyles, looking at goals for the year ahead and even looking to reduce/eradicate meat from their diets and go vegan or plant-based!

To help support and celebrate Veganuary, Chef Martin has given us his top 5 vegan recipes that he feels belong on everyone’s menus this month – take a look below!

1. Vegan hoisin duck buns

Up first, the vegan Hoisin duck buns! A delicious twist on an Asian favourite, these soft, fluffy, steamed buns are filled with succulent vegan mock duck, which has been marinated in a flavourful hoisin sauce, pickled carrots, toasted sesame seeds and crushed peanuts. Simple, easy and a delicious light-bite or street-food menu option!

Recipes for veganuary - vegan hoisin duck buns

Full recipe here.

2. Mushroom and blue cheese arancini

Second, a mushroom and blue cheese Arancini! A delectable dish that combines crispy, golden-fried risotto balls with a flavourful filling of earthy mushrooms and a creamy blue cheese! To elevate the dish further, we placed the Arancini on top of a rich tomato sauce, then finish with a truffle oil mayonnaise and a crispy vegan bacon snap!

Sprinkle with freshly chopped chives and this makes for the perfect meat free starter option

recipes for veganuary - mushroom and blue cheese aracini

Full recipe here.

3. Vegan feta salad

Something a little lighter, a Greek style vegan feta salad. Sounds simple enough but this is a prepared buckwheat salad, with broccoli rice, broad beans and fine garden peas, it is delicious and saves ample of time in the kitchen! Drizzle with a sweet mustard sauce and finish with a Greek style vegan feta!

Perfect as a small side, light lunch or why not add a protein alternative option and allow your customer to level up!

recipes for veganuary - vegan feta salad

Full recipe here.

4. Louisiana-style chick’n burger

A menu staple and classic go to for many consumers is the burger, and this Louisiana-style chick’n burger is the perfect meat free burger solution! This burger starts with a juicy, tender chick’n patty, coated in a crunchy cornbread crumb and Louisiana spices, topped with vegan bacon, cabbage and apple slaw, drizzled in a hot chilli maple syrup!

Sweet, sticky, spicy and fresh tasting! A satisfying and indulgent burger option!

Full recipe here.

5. Pesto and roasted vegetable tartlet

Finally, a pesto and roasted vegetable open tartlet. This tartlet consists of a flaky and buttery puff pastry sheet that serves as the foundation for a tomato sauce base, roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes and a green pesto and vegan cream cheese swirls.

Finished with rocket! Perfect as a sharing option, or why not portion for a light-bite and on-the-go food option!

Full recipe here.

So there we have it, Chef Martin’s top 5 recipes for Veganuary you must include on your menus this month!

To discover more meat free solutions, recipes and insights, head over to The Meat Free Space!

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