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Chef Martin’s top 5 vegan protein alternatives

Chef Martin’s top 5 vegan protein alternatives
Happy Veganuary everyone! If you’re late to the veganuary parade, don’t worry, there is still time to get involved! I’ve spoken to Chef Martin – Bidfood’s social media phenomenon and he’s selected 5 of his favourite, low skilled vegan protein alternatives that are the perfect menu must-haves for this January!


The Tofoo Company organic naked tofu (40738)

Tofoo must be one of the easiest ingredients to add flavour to, it’s organic, handmade tofu using a traditional Japanese recipe that’s rather tasty. It’s perfect for flexitarians, carnivores and real foodies, as well as veggies and vegans.

Try it marinated and grilled with teriyaki sauce and noodles.


Moving Mountains burger (45195)

Who doesn’t enjoy a juicy burger! This 100% plant-based burger is made using plant proteins such as soy, pea and mushrooms! Competes with a traditional meat burger on taste and texture. A deliciously easy menu addition that your customers will want to try!

Load with your favourite toppings, Applewood cheese, fried onions, chipotle mayo all in a vegan brioche style bun.


The Vegetarian Butcher NoMince (46699)

This high protein soy-based NoMince can be enjoyed in a broad range of dishes, so let it work its magic in your spaghetti bolognese, lasagne or quesadillas. This not so meaty miracle is as versatile as the real thing and keeps its firm texture.


Miami Burger vegan Louisiana chick’n burger (05830)

These chick’n patties are coated in a crunchy cornbread crumb and ideal for a chicken burger alternative. They can be oven cooked or deep fried, for something a little different try making a katsu style dish with rice, vegetables and sauce finished with pickled cucumber salad.


Quorn vegan fillets (70441)

Versatile meat free fillets that are perfect to marinate, shred or coat for your favourite dish. Proudly meat free and made from Mycroprotein, which is high in protein and fibre but low in saturated fat.

Take a look at our delicious pulled fillet tostada recipe!


All these products, recipes and more can be found at The Meat Free Space, helping support you and your customer this Veganuary and beyond! Head over to the webpage now to discover more about the meat-free market!



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