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Top 5 products for a vegan Christmas

Top 5 products for a vegan Christmas
Consumer preference for plant-based foods is currently on the rise. In fact, 36% said they’re more likely to consider vegan options now than they were before the pandemic began*.

Therefore, having a great vegan Christmas menu is essential for driving footfall, and making sure everyone can celebrate Christmas at your venue.

Here are our top 5 vegan products for your Christmas 2021 vegan menu.


1. Vegan wellington slice 63854



This pre-cut wellington slice is the perfect choice for a filling vegan main.

It’s filled with butternut, carrot, sweet potato, vegan feta, walnut with a smokey red pepper and redcurrant chutney… so it definitely packs a punch!

Plus, its colourful centre is sure to grab the attention of consumers

…and it only takes 4 minutes to cook!


2. Aulds mirrored chocolate truffle torte 61295



This rich dessert is the perfect choice for a luxury option on your menu, and it’s also gluten free!

The torte is made up of a light chocolate pastry shell filled with a dark chocolate vegan ganache and is topped with a mirrored caramel glaze, giving it a premium look finish.

Top tip: this pairs wonderfully with vegan raspberry sorbet for that added touch of indulgence!


3. Vegan buffet sausage roll 80908



Make your Christmas buffet a showstopper this year!

These vegan sausage rolls are a tasty seasoned plant based sausage, wrapped in flaky puff pastry – delicious for any dietary preference!

Plus, their recipe is similar to our larger award winning Everyday Favourites vegan sausage roll (61256)! Who could say no …


4. Aulds vegan caramelised biscuit cake 80831



As you can see, this speculoos vegan sponge cake is a trendy addition to any menu.

The generous portion of sponge cake is layered with delicious caramelised biscuit filling and topped off with a thick, rich, indulgent speculoos frosting – a popular flavour combination which is sure to become a consumer favourite!


5. Premium Selection vegan rocky road 80831



Another popular addition to your Christmas menu, this rocky road is made up of vegan chocolate and biscuit squares mixed with sultanas and cherries, topped with marshmallows and finished with a white dusting.

Although it’s vegan, it’s a fantastic choice for all consumers!


These were our top 5 products to add to your vegan Christmas menu. However, we have plenty of other delicious choices, which you can discover here.

You can also explore more vegan products by checking out our V Kitchen range here.


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*Stats from Bidfood consumer survey, April 2021.

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