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5 recipes to celebrate World Vegan Month

5 recipes to celebrate World Vegan Month
November is World Vegan Month and what a better way to help celebrate and support the vegan movement than by cooking up some incredibly delicious meat free meals. We have selected 5 of our favourite recipes that we think you and your customers are sure to enjoy this November!


1. Loaded fries



Our “Not-so-dirty loaded vegan chicken-fries” include crispy sweet potato fries layered with Mock popcorn chicken, mashed avocado, slaw, pickled onion and is then topped with toasted seeds and finished with a coriander garnish and crispy onions! These fully loaded fries are too good to share! Click here for the full recipe, or watch the cook along video below!



2. Pancakes



Vegan chocolate pancakes with ice cream and whipped coffee anyone? This insanely yummy treat is perfect to include on your menu and is definitely one for the chocolate lovers! Whether it’s for a super indulgent breakfast (no judgement here), brunch or even to add as a dessert option to your menu, this American vegan pancake recipe is super quick and easy. Take a look for yourself


3. Pulled vegan chicken tostada



Time for tostada’s! These deliciously crisp vegan chicken tostadas combine the perfect fusion of herbs, spices and textures, that unites together in one unique dish. The smoky chipotle paste, with orange segments, crumbled feta set your taste buds off and the chicken style fillets, adds that meat like texture to make it feel full bodied! – Brilliant!

Discover the recipe here.


4. Fresh and foraged pizza



Did you know that pizza is on the rise in the UK? In fact it was the UK’s most ordered takeaway dish in 2022*. Surprised? We weren’t, not when we’ve tried our innovative “Fresh and foraged pizza”, the perfect pizza for any health conscious consumer or a perfect dish to share! It’s a thin-based pizza that is topped with garlic pesto and fresh vibrant greens. To find out more about this recipe visit our Trends 2023 page.


5. Mediterranean “bacon” pasta



And finally, we have a recipe that’s great to create for in-house dining or as an on-the-go option. It’s a Mediterranean pasta topped with aubergine “bacon”. The aubergine is toasted until crispy and then drizzled with maple syrup for that sweet crunch, combined with the richness from the tomatoes and the sharpness from the fresh olives and capers – it’s a real winner! For an extra twist add fresh chillies or a protein alternative. Discover the full recipe here!


So there you have it, our favourite recipes to celebrate World Vegan Month with! For more things vegan, veggie and plant-based, head to The Meat Free Space webpage here.


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*Foodhub Research, UK July 2022

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