Date posted: 02/11/2023

Louisiana style chicken burger

Louisiana style Chicken burger, vegan bacon and hot maple drizzle.

  • Serves 10
  • Timing: 30 mins
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Vegan Louisiana chicken burger 10
Everyday Favourites pure Canadian maple syrup 100g
Everyday Favourites crushed chillies 4g
Red chilli's 15g
Unsalted plant butter 80g
White cabbage, sliced 1
Green apples, sliced 2
Vegan mayonnaise 200g
Vegan bacon rashers 80g
Everyday Favourites cracked black peppercorn 1g
Dark soft brown sugar 40g
Vegan brioche-style bun 10


  1. Cook the burger as per instructions and keep warm.
  2. In a saucepan add the maple, chilli flakes, sliced fresh chilli and butter and bring to a simmer, set to one side to infuse.
  3. Finely slice the cabbage and apples and combine with the mayonnaise, set to one side.
  4. Lay the bacon onto trays and rub with black pepper and brown sugar and grill until caramelised and sticky.
  5. Toast the bun and build the burger, drizzle with the hot maple and serve with pickles and fries.
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