December 7, 2020

Food and drink trends for 2021: Little luxuries

Food and drink trends for 2021: Little luxuries

Without being able to get together or to share food and drinks with others, we’re seeking out new ways to enjoy a treat, and to lift ourselves and those immediately around us out of the monotony of isolation or restrictions. The nation has been experimenting with new recipes, techniques and flavours, always wanting our food and drink to be top quality.  We’re seeing home-baked sweet or savoury delicacies, through to locally produced flavoured beers or spirits, to create a well-earned element of indulgence.

To take a deep dive into the trend to find out how this will impact menus, our host Joe Angliss is joined by Georgina Triniman and Gemma Benford from Bidfood’s Customer Marketing team to go through it.

Go to our 2021 trends page for more information on all of our food and drinks trends for 2021, including our trends bible!

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