December 9, 2020

Food and drink trends for 2021: Food for the soul

Food and drink trends for 2021: Food for the soul

Home-dining has become a staple aspect of our lives over the last few months. Couple that with the move towards nostalgic and classical dishes, our food has become all about comfort eating. The food for the soul trend suggests that warming, familiar dishes will continue to headline home menus, with interesting, uplifting upgrades expected at our favourite dining-out venues when we eat out or bring the eating-out experience in-home.

To discuss this new trend for food and drink in more detail, Joe Angliss is joined by Georgina Triniman from Bidfood’s Customer Marketing team and Fiona Speakman who is a Client Director for Food & Retail at CGA, the data research insights consultancy that specifically focus on the out of home. 

Go to our 2021 trends page for more information on all of our food and drinks trends for 2021, including our trends bible!

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