July 28, 2021

2021 food and drink trends: ‘Careful Consumption’ updated

2021 food and drink trends: 'Careful Consumption' updated

Sustainability and ethics are just as much of a concern to consumers now as they were before the pandemic, and many would argue even more so with the clock ticking on global warming. In this episode, the third in our Trends 2021 Updated series, we take a look at the Careful Consumption trend, exploring how consumer and business concerns about our impact on the environment are reflected in their menu, ingredient and product choices,  how demand for plant-based products and innovation are evolving,  and some creative and practical tips on minimising food waste. They also put forward some advice for operators looking to make more sustainable choices in packaging and talk about examples of best practice they’ve seen that have inspired them.

Catherine Hinchcliff returns to join Joe in co-hosting this podcast, along with Wendy Bartlett, founder of bartlett mitchell, and Catherine Ekundayo, Category Executive at Bidfood.

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Resources from bartlett mitchell from their experts: www.bartlettmitchell.co.uk/category/expert-guides/

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