Despite the UK vegan population being estimated at 1.16% of the population* it’s been predicted by 2025 vegans and vegetarians will make up to a quarter of the British population**.

On menus we are seeing an increase in the number of vegan and vegan alternative dishes, indicating a real increase in consumer interest and demand for vegan options so it is more important than ever to offer a great range of quality vegan menu options this summer.

Our vegan summer favourites

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Vegan American pancake

Code: 63101
Pack size: 24x5pk frozen

Delifrance vegan blueberry croissant

Code: 39974
Pack size: 48x100g frozen

Moving Mountains hot dog

Code: 80215
Pack size: 20x155g frozen

Quorn vegan buttermilk style burger

Code: 80643
Pack size: 1x2kg frozen

Premium Selection vegan blueberry and lemon cake

Code: 61285
Pack size: 1x14ptn (pre-cut) frozen

Yarde Farm vegan chocolate ice cream

Code: 54984
Pack size: 1x2.4ltr frozen

Vegan summer recipes

Nestlé Garden Gourmet ‘chicken-style’ vegan satay noodle salad

Mediterranean pasta topped with aubergine “bacon”

Vegan chilli nachos


BBQ pulled jackfruit sushi rolls

Huevos rancheros

Raspberry & vanilla swirl shake

At the start of 2021 we launched a dedicated range of vegan products called V Kitchen. The range includes both branded and own brand products covering all categories from ingredients to ready to serve products, with the aim of making it easier for you to shop vegan products with us.

Click here to discover our full V kitchen range and discover insights into this ever growing market.

* The vegan society

**Sainsburys Future of Food report

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