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Whether you are catering for vegan, flexitarian or simply making healthier menu choices, it doesn’t mean comprising on the flavour or the cuisine. This summer, we have some exciting products and insights to share with you.

Fancy browsing our delicious plant-based range, our below categories will link you directly through to our Bidfood catalogue where you can find some other amazing plant-based products to suit your needs too!

Did you know

In September 2021, 45% of consumers said they would be likely to choose either meat-free or reduced meat dishes from restaurants, pubs and bars?¹

With so many incredible plant-based products now available, there are plenty of options for your customers. From meat free burgers to mock lamb and beef.

Take a look at our V Kitchen range to see more options!

Check out some of our plant-based favourites

We’ve pulled together some delicious summer plant-based favourites to add to your menus from ready-to-cook, to protein alternatives and desserts, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re cooking from scratch or wanting to save time in the kitchen, our range can help!


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Rise in flexitarians

Did you know, the proportion of flexitarians continues to rise annually with 39% of meat eaters having reduced or limited meat consumption in the last 6 months, and a further 18% claiming to be interested in reducing/limiting in the future and 5% claiming to be vegan?²

Products like jackfruit, tofu and mock meats can help you create dishes that appeal to those customers that are looking at reducing their meat intake but are still attracted to traditional meat dishes, like fish and chips or curries for example. The options really are endless these days. Below you can view our full range of plant-based options from our V Kitchen range.

Head to our recipes page to take a look at lots of vegan recipe ideas

The Meat Free Space

The Meat Free Space is Bidfood’s range of branded and own brand vegetarian, vegan and plant-based products. The range covers everything from pre-prepared menu solutions to key ingredients in meat free scratch-cooking and much more. If you’re looking to expand your meat free offering, look no further.


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Recipe inspiration

Why not try this Shawarma Mock Vegan Lamb Recipe this summer!


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