Take a sip on these super tasty summer drinks – having a dedicated summer drinks offering can help encourage increased consumer spend by up-selling seasonal or premium drinks. Sparkling, soft and cold coffee are some of the most popular drinks for summer menus.

We have the below drinks categories in place to help you browse and shop specific drinks selections this summer! Take a peak below.

Did you know

That over 1 in 3 (36%) of UK consumers have drunk low or no alcohol alternatives in the past year – which is a 4% rise from 2019 pre-pandemic.¹

Mocktails anyone? Our product range includes a wide variety of low or no alcohol alternatives to help cater for those wanting to cut down on alcoholic beverages but still want to enjoy the experience of a drink.

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With some new and exciting products to choose from, we have included the essentials that can be enjoyed sitting in or on-the-go! Don’t forget to check out our other summer hotspots to help with your food offering!


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Low calorie and low sugar drinks

As the health trend continues to grow, 37% of consumers want the option to have low calorie or low sugar drinks when they’re out.¹

Tap into this trend and ensure you have low calorie and low sugar drinks options on your menu. Have you seen our DASH drinks range? It’s 0 calorie, 0 sugar and 0 sweetner British sparkling water, perfect for those health-conscious customers.

Check out our Unity brand

Unity really care about wines, beers and spirits. Whether it’s creating a wine menu from scratch, training staff on how to sell wines, beers and spirits or offering the latest insights on category trends we are here to help.  We have a team of experts who are extremely passionate about the alcohol industry and are more than happy to help with any support you need.


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