Summer drinks

The drinks world is forever evolving and it’s crucial to stay in the game…

By keeping up to speed with the latest trends and new products coming out to market – it’s not about stocking everything, it’s about having the right range that’s fit for your customers. We’ve highlighted some key trends and products for you to think about when planning your summer drinks menu.

NOLO (no or low alcohol drinks)

Whether it’s moderation or wellness continuing to resonate with consumers, the low or no alcohol market is continuing to grow with almost a third (31%) of UK consumers planning to drink less, or no, alcohol when they return to the out-of-home market* compared to what they drank pre-covid.

So making sure you have a couple of NOLO options on your menu is key this summer. We absolutely love the range from CleanCo who make thrilling and delicious non-alcoholic replacements for all your favourite alcoholic drinks so why not try the CleanCo gin, rhubarb gin and rum on your menus this summer.

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*CGA, Consumer Countdown to Reopening Series 2

Craft beer

With consumers drinking less often but choosing to drink better, they are drawn to the appeal of craft beers over the more mainstream. Most craft beers have distinctive identities and interesting back stories that really support that quality consumers are looking for.

Why not try out London Fields Brewery flavoursome craft beers on your menu, served in quirky 330ml cans brewed under the arches in London Fields, Hackney. The range includes a pale ale (the most popular of craft beers), an unfiltered pilsner and a dry hopped larger.

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Flavoured gin

Gin has always been a popular spirit in the UK but it is the appeal of flavoured gin helping to attract a whole new generation of gin drinkers. Offering flavoured gins and also interesting mixers will definitely help entice customers this summer, and you have lots of flavours to choose from like the classic grapefruit or lemon to the more innovative new flavours like parma violets or rhubarb and ginger both from Whitley Neil.

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English wine

England isn’t always the first place you would associate with vineyards and producing wine but we have over 770 registered vine years and 165 producers with over 5.5 million bottles sold in 2019. With lots of focus on British foods why not explore some English wines like the Hattingley Valley sparkling wine which is a great alternative to prosecco and perfect for summer.

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Hard seltzer

What exactly are hard seltzer drinks? Essentially they are alcoholic, low-calorie, flavoured carbonated drinks. A more grown up health conscious alcopop. Perfectly refreshing for summer. The Kopparberg hard seltzer range come in 3 flavours, passionate fruit, mixed berry and black cherry, are 93 calories, gluten free and vegan but without comprising on flavour and are absolutely perfect for outdoor dining or on the go.

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