Summer grills

As soon as the suns out, our shades are on and we are craving those summer barbecue aromas! Burgers, sausages, chicken skewers, fish anything that is grilled or seared with a delicious smokey finish.

To help you browse some key products for grilling, our below categories will link you directly through to our Bidfood catalogue where you can find some other amazing products to suit your needs too!


Did you know that ‘Grilling’ is the no.1 choice for Brits when it comes to what cooking methods they’d like to see being used in restaurants¹

Why not offer customers a touch of personalisation too and give them the option to create their own grilled skewer on your menu. Allow them to choose their own meats, veggies and sides to give them their own personal menu option.

Check out some of our barbecue favourites

We’ve pulled together a list of some of our barbecue favourites and a few perfect partners to accompany them. These are perfect summer menu essentials that you don’t want to miss out on!


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Did you know

That “Grilled” was also no.4 in the top descriptive words on spring/summer menus in 2021.²

Using descriptive words to highlight the ways we cook our food, allows our senses a preview of what to expect… “Grilled” will always be a top favourite for menu’s and it’s no surprise – it’s delicious!

Recipe inspiration

Fancy trying our Flavours less travelled “Filipino Grilled Chicken Inihaw Na Manok” – These grilled chicken thigh skewers are marinated with sweet and sticky Filipino flavours


Get the recipe here

Get ready for grill season

Summer BBQ Week

July 4th – July 10th 2022

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