Celebrate summer

We're here to help you this summer, we've brought you the latest insights, products, trends and recipes!

Welcome to celebrate summer 2022

Take a look at our key summer hot spots below and how you can get your menus ready this summer.

Savvy summer

Discover some of the latest food trends and insights for summer 2022.

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Summer checklist

A simple summer checklist to help you refresh and maximise your customer footfall this year.

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Summer recipes

We’ve cooked up some incredible new recipes for summer, including recipes from our Food & Drink Trends as well as traditional summer classics!

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Summer grills

Have a look at some of our favourite barbecue classics, including burgers, sausages and fish.

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Vegan vibes

Here to help you include vegan options to your menu this summer

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Here you’ll find Great British food, products, recipes and inspiration.

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Summer desserts

We’ve put together some key summer desserts that you don’t want to miss out on.

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Take a look at some summer drink trends including a few top products to include on your drinks menu.

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Offering a dining out experience this summer? Here’s how we can help.

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Summer events

Make the most of summer this year with some key occasions to include in your calendar.

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