by Holly Rogers

5 ways to embrace the British trend

5 ways to embrace the British trend
Consumers are more eager than ever to celebrate and truly embrace what Britain has to offer. And it shows in people’s food and drink choices, and even in the venues they choose to visit.

8 in 10 consumers say that when they’re eating out, they find British products and ingredients particularly appealing. But more importantly for operators, 1 in 4 (26%) UK adults are now willing to pay more for products and ingredients that come from Britain when they’re eating out*.

And if that’s not enough to convince you to Celebrate British on your menus, 1 in 3 (33%) people say they actually consider whether or not a venue sources British ingredients when they decide where to eat or drink out at*.

Why is this? Well, when we recently surveyed consumers the top reasons they gave for buying British were to support local producers or farmers, to keep money in the British economy, and the fact that they perceive British produce to be fresher.

So we’ve come up with 5 ways you can truly Celebrate British with your offer…


1. British classics will always have a place on the menu

Classic British dishes have always been popular – in fact, 7 in 10 people say they typically choose these on menus*. And 86% of these people say they do this more often now than they did before the pandemic*.

Perhaps spending more in the UK than ever before has sparked appreciation for local grub and regional favourites… Who knows!

But what we do know is that having some British classics on your menu will be a hit with many of your customers. And with the Queen’s Jubilee coming up in June, what better time to create British-inspired theme days or set menus?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our brand new British themed recipes here.


2. Emphasise any British products or ingredients you use

Consumers are increasingly wanting to know where their food has come from. And our research showed us that one of the main reasons people want to buy British is to support local farmers and producers. So why not tell a story with your menu and highlight the farms and individuals their food has come from.

Not only is this interesting and personal, but it shows consumers the benefits of what they’re ordering.

Plus, if people are willing to pay more for British ingredients, you might be missing an upsell opportunity if you don’t make this clear to your customers.


3. Make your British ingredients travel further

Combine staple British ingredients with far-flung flavours and spices to create a global-inspired menu. This is a great way of appealing to those who appreciate and trust British produce whilst keeping your menu unique and exciting. British ingredients can be used to create so many interesting dishes and flavours, and they can be combined with others.

Just make sure you shout about the British products your menu includes.


4. Don’t forget the drinks menu

It’s not just about the food when it comes to Celebrating British. You can do this with your drinks menu too.

British wine has grown in popularity since the pandemic*, and featuring local beers on your menu can be a fun way to encourage people to try new drinks that you could charge a premium for. You could even consider pairing British drinks to dishes on the menu, or including them in set themed menus and deals too.


5. Bring in some British entertainment to give people that Wow Factor

Experiential dining is booming, and consumers are really enjoying doing something a bit different when they eat and drink out. You could put a twist on your dining experience with a British-inspired quiz night, or put on some live music showcasing local talent.


Our interactive 2022 Food and Drink Trends guide is packed full of insight and hints and tips to help you implement the Celebrating British trend, as well as the other key 2022 trends. Plus, we’ve got brand new recipes on our Trends web page if you’re looking for some inspiration.

*CGA by Nielsen IQ and Bidfood, bespoke consumer survey, 1,502 UK consumers, October 2021

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