Savvy summer

We’ve looked at key seasonal market trends and insights and pulled together some helpful tips and stats to help you have a savvy summer this year! Don’t forget to browse our other hot spots within celebrate summer too.

Quality over quantity

81% of people say they now focus more on the quality rather than the quantity of meat they eat.* When it comes to eating food, we are more knowledgeable today than ever before about where and how our food is sourced and what accreditation’s come with them to assure the quality of product. Including these USPs on your menu can really help encourage customers to purchase certain dishes.

Opportunity for staycations

28% of people have ordered a takeaway/delivery to a holiday accommodation e.g. a hotel they’re staying in.** During the summer period, with prices on the rise, many people are opting for staycations and weekends away, this is a perfect opportunity for establishments to maximise sales on their takeaway options.

We have a great range of products and insights available to help you with your dining out of house offering.

Promotional offers

72% of consumers use promotional offers when eating and drinking out of home, at least sometimes***. With prices on the rise and the uncertainty of when it stabilises, it makes sense that consumers will be wanting to make the most of promotional offerings. Make the most of meal deal innovation or happy hour offerings and ensure that value for money is cheerleaded each week! This will encourage consumer spend within your establishment.

72% of consumers are now actively cutting down on their food waste¹

Help support sustainability through customisable dishes or portion size options, allowing customers to order specifically what they want, rather than getting toppings/sides and an overflow of chips. Concepts such as “build your own burger” or “skew your own skewer” would work a treat and provide customers with a touch of personalisation which is becoming ever more popular with consumers.

Top 3 sharing dishes in spring/summer 2021 were wings, pizzas and desserts²

If you are wanting to include these on your menus this summer, we have a great selection of pizzas, wings, sausages, burgers and chips to choose from.

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Eco-friendly takeaway packaging

50% say environmentally friendly takeaway packaging is worth paying more for³ (only 18% disagree with this).

Add value to your customers’ take-away experience! We have a large range of eco-friendly, strong, practical, versatile and food-safe disposable choices available, no matter what you’re serving up.

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10 easy tips to be more sustainable

We’ve put together 10 hints & tips that you can start doing now to help with putting the environment at the heart of your day-to-day operation.


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