Street food

The popularity of street food has soared over the last decade showing that consumers are really embracing the more laid back approach to trying new foods and are actively seeking out new flavours, styles and cuisines from around the world. The good news is, whatever your establishment it should be easy to incorporate the essence of street food on your menus, whether that’s eat in, outdoor dining or takeaway.

Our favourite street food products for summer

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Everyday Favourites breaded halloumi fries

Code: 51370
Pack size: 1x1.035kg frozen

Yorkshire pudding wrap

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Pack size: 24x150g frozen

Premium Selection brioche burger bun

Code: 18322
Pack size: 1x48pk frozen

Little & Cull seasoned pulled pork

Code: 74479
Pack size: 6x500g

5 vegetable green gyoza

Code: 63053
Pack size: 1x30pk frozen

Everyday Favourites cooked barbecue chicken wings

Code: 12646
Pack size: 1x2.5kg frozen

Pumpkin mac cheese bites

Code: 63810
Pack size: 200x32g frozen

Phat butternut squash and vegan feta pasty

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Pack size: 20x283g frozen

Gourmet Selection coated thin cut fries 10mm

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Pack size: 4x2.27kg frozen

Street food recipes

Halloumi fries topped with minty yogurt, pomegranate and paprika

Ginger beer jerk chicken burger with mango salsa

Chicken bao buns

Loaded buttermilk chicken fries

Spiced cauliflower salad

Yorkshire pudding wrap

Even more street food inspiration

Check out our Street Eats Guide for even more street food ideas, including recipes and concepts, ideas from around the world and street food inspired desserts.

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