Awaken My Senses

We live in a visual world, where colour and textures are important and we want food and drink that we can photograph and show off on social media.

On this page you’ll find recipes and products which all have that extra wow factor!

Nomadic oat clusters & natural low fat yoghurt, double Belgian chocolate 6 x 187g (89536)

New Quality Cuisine kiln roasted salmon, gin & tonic parfait 12 x 100g (40567)

New for 2019 is this creamy fish parfait with Scottish kiln roasted salmon and hidden gin and tonic centre

New Farmstead Deli Yorkshire ham (12 slices) 1 x 500g (76883)

Premium Selection golden layered salted caramel cheesecake (pre-cut) 1 x 14ptn (60669)

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