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5 ways to save time and money for back to school

5 ways to save time and money for back to school
Schools out and it won’t be long before schools back again. Feeding hundreds of hungry mouths is a challenge, but the challenge really begins when cleaning and preparing the kitchen for each new day. This blog aims to showcase some products which will save you time and money, or both.


save time and money back to school - Deepio powder


Lots of elbow grease?

Cleaning a fat fryer can be a daunting task. In years gone by, lots of elbow grease (manual labour) was the only way. Thankfully now we have Deepio powder (code 59783). Most customers use Deepio powder in a bucket format, purely for degreasing floors. But did you know that it’s also an extremely effective fat fryer cleaner too?

Plus, it’s really simple to use… after dropping the oil, fill the empty fryer well to 2/3 of hot water and dose approximately 45g of powder. Heat it to 80C for 30-60 minutes but don’t allow it to boil over. Once ready, empty and rinse carefully it carefully with water. You should now have a clean fryer well, ready to fill up and use again.

Let the chemical do the work, saving you time to do other jobs nearby.

save time and money back to school - blue roll


Blue roll by the mile

A traditional centrefeed dispenser allows the action of free flowing paper (sometimes call “roping”), which employees can dispense up to 3 metres of paper in just 2 seconds. By using Tork Reflex (code 17658) you can save up to 37% of paper consumption. So rolls last longer and you save labour time on loading less refills.

The paper can be dispensed by either a wall mounted dispenser or a portable hand held barrel. Both dispensers feature a rotational nozzle which means the paper can be pulled from any direction. The paper will automatically perforate at every single sheet, meaning you can control how many sheets are required for the job in hand. For that small liquid spillage, one sheet will do! No more wasteful “roping”.

Wall mounted dispensers can be supplied FREE on loan and there is also a portable starter pack available (code 41127).


save time and money back to school - Matt 85 printer


Are you still writing your labels manually?

The Matt 85 kitchen printer (code 49274) is a time saving must for busy kitchens. It will print your labels for both food storage for back of house and food labels for your food to go packaging.

Incorporating all the required allergen and ingredient information to comply with Natasha’s Law, Calorie Labelling Law and HACCP. It integrates fully with Bidfood Direct – our online shop’s My Recipes, allowing you to simply create and print your own labels, using a thermal printer which requires NO ink. The Matt85 tablet (code 49273) is fully portable and allows you to create and print your labels, anywhere, anytime.

NO more illegible hand writing of labels. In a kitchen large or small, this system saves you time, and lots of it!!



Stop wasting clingfilm

If you’ve ever used a traditional clingfilm cardboard cutterbox, you will know how awkward they can be. By switching to a Wrapmaster dispenser, the issues go away. Wrapmaster is safe to use with a concealed blade, so no more cuts from cutter box blades.

Plus, with the help of the Wrapmaster dispenser, you deliver exactly the right amount of product needed to wrap your food every single time. After each press of the lid, the next clingfilm is presented flat, ready for use. No more crinkled mess from a cutterbox, no more wasted product.  In a busy kitchen the cardboard boxes can get wet and dirty, harbouring bacteria. The wrapmaster dispenser comes apart and all parts are dishwasher safe.

A range of dispenser sizes are available from 30cm (code 05697) and 45cm (code 13037), with product of clingfilm, foil and baking parchment available for each size.



Are you washing your mop heads?

By switching from a disposable mop head to a washable mop head, you will reap many benefits.

Less waste going to landfill and less cost in buying single use mop heads. More longevity for each mop head bought and better cleaning results from a superior mop head. Our Hygiemix socket mop heads are available in 200g weight (Blue, code 89413), for small areas and 300g weight (Blue, code 29723) for larger areas. Both weights are also available in red, green or yellow colours, and all weights and colours are washable in a normal laundry process up to 60 degrees.

Each mop head is stitched and looped to provide improved strength and absorbency. No more Worzel Gummidge debris left behind on your kitchen floor!! A great re-usable mop head solution, saving money.


So there you have it, five products which will save you time, money or both, in your busy school kitchen.

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