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5 recipes to Compete with the Street - pizza edition

5 recipes to Compete with the Street - pizza edition
With the high street offering up innovative and exciting options, it’s time to adapt your school menu to keep students off the streets and into your canteens!

High street and street food vendors often offer tantalising options for food including world cuisines, fusion dishes, and other tasty treats. But there’s no reason why you can’t replicate these dishes and styles in your school kitchen.

That’s why we’ve worked with our expert chefs Wayne Wright and Adam Denny to create Compete with the Street – a series of guides to help school chefs implement high street trends and dishes into your schools. For our first edition of Compete with the Street, Wayne and Adam have created a complete menu from mains, sides, to drinks that will give high street pizza chains a run for their money.

Here are our top 5 favourites:




1. Sri Lankan meatball pizza

The first recipe to spotlight is our Sri Lankan meatball topping which is packed FULL of flavour and is a perfect balance of savoury with a hint of sweetness. This pizza is perfect for bringing a taste of the East to the West.

We know that schools will often have hundreds of students to feed at lunchtime within a short timeframe, so this quick recipe which only takes 5 minutes of prep and 15 minutes to cook is especially great for a quick yet delicious fix.

Top tip! Swap out the meatball for a veggie meatball, or even a meatball mixed with hidden vegetables if you’re looking to hit your sustainability goals.


2. Garlic mushroom and spinach

We don’t know about you, but we at Bidfood love a good garlicy pizza! A great vegetarian option without skimping on flavour, our garlic mushroom and spinach pizza topping is a perfect addition to any menu and is sure to grab your students’ attention.

This pizza topping goes great with pretty much every base sauce from tomato sauce to white sauce. This gives your students the choice to pick – a variety options always go down a treat.

Top tip! Serve the garlic mushroom and spinach pizza alongside our tangy citrus slaw which perfectly cuts through the garlic flavour.


3. Cuban chicken with chimichurri

If you’re looking for a way to add a little pizzazz to your food offering, our Cuban chicken with chimichurri is a great option to add a touch of spice to any pizza. Rivalling popular high street pizza options like Texan BBQ, this topping takes it to the next level and provides an exciting new cuisine within the familiarity of a pizza, encouraging your students to try new flavours

Top tip! This topping goes great with the BBQ sauce base, but why stop there? Serve it up with our smokey and sweet potato wedges to complete the meal.


4. Smokey and sweet potato wedges

I think it’s time to highlight one of our side dishes… smokey and sweet potato wedges! Slightly different from the cult classic potato wedge, this option provides another dimension of flavour with its mouth-watering smokey notes that provide the perfect mix between savoury and sweet.

The great thing about this recipe is that it’s so simple to prepare, perfect for under-pressure kitchens and keeping mealtimes exciting.

Top tip! Increase the attractiveness of this dish by serving alongside flavoured mayonnaise such as garlic mayo.


5. Butternut squash dough

Last, but certainly not least, we’re going back to the bases with this butternut squash dough. This dough is the perfect base to hide extra nutrients. The butternut squash seamlessly blends into the regular dough base, perfect for students who would otherwise shy away from vegetables. The butternut squash gives the base a vibrant colour making the pizza eye-capturing, stirring appetites left, right, and centre!

Top tip! With health consciousness on the rise, promote the added vegetables in the pizza base at the point of purchase to increase meal uptake.


So what are you waiting for? Get competing with the high street with our high street inspired pizza recipes. Find the full recipes here.

Check out our next edition of Compete with the Street – Asian Fusion too!


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