Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Our constant interaction with both suppliers and customers leave us in no doubt about the importance of having robust quality assurance processes in place, being able to provide products with provenance stories and messages, and to offer traceability through a sustainable supply chain. We take our responsibility in consistently delivering high standards very seriously.

Food safety is of paramount importance to Bidfood and our customers. It is our policy to exceed the minimum legal requirements to ensure our food products are always safe to consume.

The Technical Services team in Bidfood are responsible for sourcing safe, legal and quality food and catering products, be they brands found in every household or Bidfood brands developed specifically for the catering sector.

Bidfood is accredited to the British Retail Consortium For Storage And Distribution. Additionally, our systems are based on quality management principles and we are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. These principles are delivered throughout the organisation and are underpinned by our quality policy, processes, standards and supporting documentation.

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