Our Farmstead experts

How can our specialists help you?

The Farmstead team is passionate about fresh meat and we want to help you get the most out of your offering. In addition to product expertise, there are also a number of added value areas where we can help;

  • Training – our master butchers offer training depending on your requirements, from breaking down whole carcasses to advice on how to maximise profits using different cuts
  • Menu planning – working in conjunction with our development chefs, we devise new and exciting recipes to suit a variety of menu needs
  • Costing – we can help you work out the cost per portion or how much GP% to make in order to make your recipes profitable
  • Innovation & trends – we work closely with our insights team to ensure that we’re keeping on top of the most recent industry trends, whether it’s up and coming flavours, popular cuts of meat or even cooking styles

Meat the rest of the team

In addition to our fantastic sales team, we also have a dedicated team, all on hand to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the range:

  • Farmstead food development chefs – we have a team of food development chefs who support the internal meat category team as well as the fresh meat sales team. Their role is to create new recipe solutions in line with moderns trends, as well as seasonal inspiration for all channels. They also support the Farmstead business development managers with product demonstrations at events or customer presentations and identify new meat products to expand the range.
  • Farmstead technical manager – our technical manager is responsible for ensuring the entire Farmstead range is of a consistent quality, time after time. They personally approve all fresh meat suppliers to certify the operation is being run to a high standard, as well as being on hand to support the sales team and customers with technical information about product specifications and monitor all complains to rectify any potential product issues quickly and effectively.
  • Farmstead supply chain manager – Our Farmstead supply chain manager works with suppliers and the Bidfood operational team to ensure continuous product availability. They work behind the scenes to ascertain the most suitable route to market for our fresh meat suppliers in order to minimise costs, manage forecast volumes for product requirements throughout the year and ensure full customer availability for orders based on a day-to-day basis.

More margin from your meat?

When your margins are under pressure from the high levels of food inflation we’re seeing at the moment, centre of plate is the best place to start looking for ways to offset rising prices. Chefs Martin and Damon turn to Darren Shaw, fresh meat expert from Farmstead, to look how to make more margin from meat and poultry. Darren shows how to get the most out of a silverside flat joint of beef, as well as some tasty ways of using chicken inner fillets, which are one of the more versatile and cost-effective chicken products right now.

When it comes to sourcing the right joint you need look no further than our Farmstead experts who are all dedicated people working behind the scenes to share their inspiration and passion for bringing great quality to your table.

Martin and Damon are part of Bidfood’s Culinary Development team, who support customers with creative and inspiring food solutions, menus, innovation and recipes to suit their skill base, operational challenges and food offer. They can also advise on operational efficiency and cost effective product switches, which are crucial in today’s inflationary climate. They work alongside our fresh meat experts, like Darren Shaw, and our buying and sales teams who keep costs and therefore GP top of mind.

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Great wine matches for roasts

So, what wines do justice to our great British roasts? Chef Martin invites Lee Isaacs, Unity Wine Ambassador, to share some perfect wine matches that beautifully enhance our Farmstead roast beef, lamb and pork belly joints! With his usual eloquent, dry wit, Lee comes up with some great classic and some less obvious matches, and that aren’t just the usual suspects, busting some myths along the way.

When it comes to sourcing the right joint you need look no further than our Farmstead and Unity experts who are all dedicated people working behind the scenes to share their inspiration and passion for bringing great quality to your table.

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Elevate your roast!

Our chefs Martin and Damon take a look at how to elevate the great British roast, which will be a prime candidate for diners looking to eat out in the run up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!

Skillfully prepared by fresh meat expert Darren Shaw, they take Red Tractor rump of beef, belly of pork and leg of lamb joints and demonstrate how you can cook them to perfection, and take them to the next level by pairing them with some show stopping sides like red cabbage, sourdough bread sauce, roasted caramelised orange carrots with an hazelnut crumb.

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Three winning ways to cook steak

Our chefs Martin and Damon take a look at three very different ways of cooking and presenting striploin steaks with very different results: chargrilled over an open flame, pan fried and even sous vide, which is not a traditional approach but yields a very different texture and eating experience. In fact who knew that you could even sous vide steak, and that it could taste so good? See their verdict on our featured video.

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