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Whether it’s the latest range of boutique gins, revitalising your whisky offering or looking to develop a cocktail menu we are here to help...

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Very much like other drinks categories, spirits is forever evolving, just look at the explosion of the Gin market in the past few years! Again thanks to fantastic relationships with suppliers we are able to keep you up to speed with new emerging categories and trends to ensure you have the very best to offer your customers. We have access to cocktail training classes, POS, glassware and market leading offers and promotions to help you maximise sales on spirits. Please contact info@unitywines.co.uk to find out more.

Wholesale Spirits & Liquor Suppliers

Spirits continue to be a category in growth with volumes up +2.3%*

Gin still remains the star performer within the category however premium variants of both vodka and rum are seeing good growth too.


With spirits a main component part in cocktails, year on year sales of cocktails has grown by 4.2%** with customers enjoying the fun element and the theatre of serve.

(* **Source: CGA On Trade Brand Index 15.06.19)

79% of people agree that the experience of cocktails on a night out is one they cannot replicate at home*.

(Source: Pub & Bar – March 2018)

Our Unity Wines team is on hand to offer advice on the ideal range of wholesale spirits for your business to help you maximise sales.




Customers drinking habits are changing and they now expect to see and pay for more premium spirits, so it’s important that you stock a range that will satisfy this demand.


Premium spirit drinkers spend 48% more than non-spirit drinkers

(Source: CGA Mixed Drinks Report, April 2016)

The perfect serve

Consumers know how their drink should be served…meaning their expectations are going to be high!

of consumers rely on bar staff knowing how to make spirit and mixer drinks

71% of consumers say that a badly served drink would negatively impact on their experience

31% of consumers would order something different, potentially something less profitable

30% would buy more if staff were better at serving spirit and mixer drinks

78% of consumers say that aside from taste, presentation is what makes a drink perfect



There are many subcategories of spirits ranging from the most widely consumed (vodka) to some of the smaller liqueur and speciality categories.  Spirits are key components of cocktails which are now a huge demand in most on trade outlets – making sure you have the right range on the back bar and the right level of training with staff is paramount and our Unity Wines team is at hand to offer both.



“The key trends in vodka for this year are authenticity, provenance and heritage. The premiumisation of vodka has changed the category positively. Consumers are willing to pay a higher price for a good quality product with a story, thus enabling new brands to enter this highly competitive category. The English vodka scene is growing – the popularity of gin has no doubt helped to pave the way for people interested in exploring other spirits. Consumers are looking for spirits with a subtle and individual flavour and especially interested in local producers within their communities. Chase, a potato vodka made in Herefordshire has successfully capitalised on the key trends in the vodka market and Bidfood are delighted to be including the range in our core portfolio.” – Sarah Sangster, Bidfood Senior Buyer

Absolut espresso martini

A staple favourite why not have a go at this simple yet delicious espresso martini recipe!

Take a look at our full range of alcoholic drinks recipes here


“Unless you’ve been living underground for the past 3 years you will have seen the huge growth in the gin category.  The growth of premium spirits versus the standard spirits category has paved the way for some fantastic boutique gins to make their way onto the spirits scene and very much in the same way as craft beer has become an exciting category that consumers want to go out and explore, we have seen the same with gin. There is becoming a growing demand for individuality in the drinks world and the gin market now accommodates 1000s of different G+T combinations along with some very interesting garnishes that complement the botanicals in so many different styles of gin that we are seeing today.” – Matt Towe, Head of Marketing Unity Wines & Spirits

Tanqueray vesper martini

Shaken or stirred? Have a go a this gin-infused martini

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Whisky, rum, brandy and cognac

Chosen by our team of in-house experts, we offer a range of different whisky, brandy, rum and cognacs. Take your pick from our popular selection including leading brands like Jack Daniels, Bacardi and Sailor Jerry to name but a few.

Sambuca, tequila, absinthe and liqueurs

We’ve got you covered with our wide range of spirits including popular and fashionable brands like Aperol, Amaretto and Kahlua.

Premium soft drinks

The premium soft drinks market has experienced record growth with 75% of 25-34 year olds now buying premium in on-trade establishments throughout the UK. Combined with a 65% increase in the amount consumers are willing to pay for something they perceive to be more ‘premium’, there’s clearly no better time to maximise your sales with the right range. 55% of venues are now also dedicating a section of their menus to non-alcoholic drinks, or creating stand-alone menus for them, showing how important it is to target this rapidly growing customer base.

Looking for drinkspiration? With over 271 ‘premium soft drinks’ launching in the UK within the last year, make sure you stand out from the crowd with our range of premium drinks from the likes of Fentiman’s, Frobishers and Franklin & Sons.


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(CGA Non-Alcoholic White Paper 2019)

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