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Meat the team

Darren Shaw

Years in the fresh meat industry: 35 years

My role: I’m a fresh meat specialist who supports our customers and sales teams in everything to do with our fresh meat range.

Favourite meat dish: Roast fore rib of beef (on the bone)

Jim Doherty M.B.inst.M

Years in the fresh meat industry: 48 years

My role: I’m a fresh meat specialist who supports our sales teams and customers

Favourite meat dish: Ribeye steak

Paul Ambler

Years in the fresh meat industry: 35 years

My role: As Head of Sales I’m here to ensure we have the right offering for our current and prospect customers and deliver service excellence.

Favourite meat dish: Rare rib of beef

Chris Stanley

Years in the fresh meat industry: 20 years

My role: As fresh meat buyer, my main focus is ensuring we have the right range for our customers whilst continuing to build on our relationships with our suppliers.

Favourite meat dish: Beef wellington

How our fresh meat specialist can help you?

In addition to helping you find the right products for your business and menu we can also offer;


Our master butchers offer training depending on your requirements, from breaking down whole carcasses to advice on how to maximise profits using different cuts.

Menu planning

Working in conjunction with our development chefs, we devise new and exciting recipes to suit a variety of menu needs.


We can help you work out the cost per portion or how much GP% to make in order to make your recipes profitable.

Innovation and trends

We work closely with our insights team to ensure that we’re keeping on top of the most recent industry trends, whether it’s up and coming flavours, popular cuts of meat or even cooking styles.

Fresh meat ideas and inspiration

More margin from your meat

When your margins are under pressure from the high levels of food inflation we’re seeing at the moment, centre of plate is the best place to start looking for ways to offset rising prices. Chefs Martin and Damon turn to Darren Shaw, fresh meat expert from Farmstead, to look how to make more margin from meat and poultry.

Great wine matches for roasts

So, what wines do justice to our great British roasts? Chef Martin invites Lee Isaacs, Unity Wine Ambassador, to share some perfect wine matches that beautifully enhance our Farmstead roast beef, lamb and pork belly joints! With his usual eloquent, dry wit, Lee comes up with some great classic and some less obvious matches, and that aren’t just the usual suspects, busting some myths along the way.

Some of our favourite recipes

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