Date posted: 08/07/2024

Brunch spiced scotch egg, dried apricot chutney, loaded rarebit hash browns with masala beans

Jammy Scotch egg with spiced sausage with red chilli & coriander, accompanied with crispy hash browns topped with rarebit & spring onions and aromatic masala beans finished with chilli & Garam Masala.

  • Serves 10
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Medium fresh eggs 15
Pork sausage meat 1.2kg
Coriander 20g
Red chillis 10g
Plain white flower 300g
Cracked black peppercorn 3g
Whole milk 500ml
Breadcrumbs 1kg
Micro coriander 10g
(Rarebit topped hash brown) hash browns 1kg
(Rarebit topped hash brown) Hot mustard rarebit: 500g
(Rarebit topped hash brown) Spring onion trimmed 1 bundle
(Masala beans) La Espanola Pure olive oil P.E.T. 80ml
(Masala beans) Diced onion 300g
(Masala beans) Root ginger 20g
(Masala beans) Garlic prepacked 20g
(Masala beans) Red chillis 10g
(Masala beans) Crushed chillis 2g
(Masala beans) Ground turmeric 5g
(Masala beans) Garam masala 8g
(Masala beans) Ground coriander 4g
(Masala beans) Cumin powder 3g
(Masala beans) Baked beans 840g
(Masala beans) Chopped leaf spinach 100g


  1. (Spiced Scotch egg) Soft boil 10 eggs and set to one side
  2. (Spiced Scotch egg) Mix together the sausage meat, chopped coriander, chopped red chilli and season if required
  3. (Spiced Scotch egg) Mould the sausage meat around the egg then dust in flour, coat in egg/milk and finally breadcrumbs. Deep fry until golden
  4. (Spiced Scotch egg) Finish in the oven for around 5-6 minutes
  5. (Rarebit topped has browns) Fry the Hash browns and top with rarebit then glaze
  6. (Rarebit topped has browns) Top with sliced spring onions
  7. (Masala beans) Heat a pan and add the oil, cook the onions, garlic, ginger until soft then add the spices and cook out (add a touch of water if they start to burn)
  8. (Masala beans) Then add the beans and spinach and slowly bring to temperature
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