by Candice Caddell

Top 4 summer menu favourites with a world foods twist

Top 4 summer menu favourites with a world foods twist

We know global cuisines are something many of us enjoy and would like to experience more of, however, adapting menus to cater to this demand can be quite tricky for some, especially when establishments have key menu items that work well already.
Well, we’ve taken top summer menu favourites and created simple step-by-step concepts to help give them a world foods twist. Tailored listings, downloadable POS and inspiring recipes – where will your taste buds take you to first?

1. Burgers

Who doesn’t enjoy a mouth-watering burger? A juicy patty cooked on the grill with different layers of flavours and textures. Our burger concept includes simple product selections to help inspire your burger brain cells and explore the wonders of fusion foods!
We’ve crafted an Asian inspired Katsu Chicken Burger with a crispy noodle topping! What burger would you build?

2. Tacos

Tantalising tacos, these tasty delights not only leave you wanting more but you’ll want to try every filling available!
Would you dare you to try a North African inspired taco? How about a spicy seabass taco? Or even a Caribbean inspired roasted Cauliflower taco?
Take a look at our taco concept and build your tacos, your way! Why not mix and match to create a perfect taco sharing platter!

3. Salads

Salads offer a great variety of choices, ranging from classic options like a Caesar and Greek salad to even contemporary choices like quinoa and poke bowls!
Your salad, your way – with protein selections, choices of something fresh and adding a dressing of your choice. Our salad concept allows you to pick and choose your ingredients to cater to a wide range of taste and dietary preferences.

4. Steaks

Each steak cut offers a unique texture and flavour profile, making it a perfect option and popular go-to for meat lovers. But with our steak concept you can choose your cut, select your sauce or seasoning, pick a potato option and even add a side!
We chose an Italian inspired Palermo Steak, what sizzling steak choice would you go for?

All these summer menu concepts and more can be found by heading over to our World Foods summer concepts webpage! Why not embark on a trip around the globe and dive deeper into trending cuisines from Asia, Europe, America and Africa! All this and more by visiting World Foods Wholesale – Bidfood here!

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